Sunday, 26 June 2011

Awaken The Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney

There is one genre of books that I can't seem to pass up, those that include highland warriors, well really, any man in a kilt will do.  Add in some time travel and a dose of romance and you have my undivided attention.  Awaken the Highland Warrior, went even further, a successful, in charge kind of women. 
Bree Kirkland has always felt that someone was watching out for her safety.  Perhaps an angel.  She thought nothing of digging away in the crypt in her backyard during the dark of night for missing treasure.  Instead of the long sought treasure, she unearthed an ancient Scottish warrior.  Faelan Connor had been interred in that crypt or rather, time vault, for the last 150 years and still bent on slaying the evil demon who had captured him.

Damsel saves warrior and then warrior feels honour bound to protect damsel.  This is one damsel that is quite capable of protecting herself, most of the time, and one who is not going to sit around at home waiting for the big brave guy to do all the dangerous stuff.

This book kept me glued to it page after page as I waited to see what Bree would do next that would infuriate the chauvanistic Faelan.  Really, he just needed time to adjust to 21st century living.

I really enjoyed this search of the evil doers, the quest to determine who was good and who was bad.  To find out how the Archangel Michael fit into it all, you'll have to read the book.  I was fascinated by Faelan's tattoos.  You can catch a glimpse of them on the front cover, but the image painted in my mind was much more exciting.  I can hardly wait till the next book hits the stores.

Author Anita Clenney has two more books in this series:
Embrace the Highland Warrior which is due out Novemer 2011
Unleash the Highland Warrior due out Spring 2012

Thank-you to Sourcebooks for my review copy and the cover image.

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