Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Back to Stitching

I'm back for my weekly needlework update.  I spent a bunch of time pondering last week why I haven't been doing much stitching.  I think I am spending so much time reading, that I just haven't gotten to it.  Time to move on to some of those audio books that I have been looking forward to.  This way I can stitch and read at the same time. 

Did I stitch this past week?  Yes. Not a lot, but much more than the week before.  I finally finished the metallic embroidery on the 'list block' for the Scribbling Women quilt.  Don't mind the strip of fabric lying across the last line of the list, that part is a secret.

Sei Shonagon, a Japanese woman portrayed in the book, wrote a lot of lists.  Since I found myself making lists while working on the quilt, I felt I would include a version of one of them here.  I debated check marks, but I like the simplicity of the bullets.

I've mentioned previously that my mother enjoys making fabric postcards.   She made me this one in June.  It measures about 4x8 inches.  It was hand delivered, thus no postmarks.

I"m planning to have a sewing day with my quilt buddies shortly and my mother is going to join us.  She already has her fabric cut for the project.

Needlework Tuesday is where I get together with my stitching buddys and we share our projects and encourage each other when needed.    Have you been stitching this past week?  Write your post and send me the link and I'll add you to our happy group.

Sherrie at Just Books has started her lastest doily. The colour she has chosen to stitch with is gorgeous.


Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
I love your list piece. It's turned out beautiful and I think the bullets are better than check marks. Makes it much simpler. Your mother's postcard is awesome. I've thought about making some but haven't gotten around to trying it. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

Just Books

Felicity Grace Terry said...

This looks so intricate. Beautifully done Heather, I so admire your ability to create such wonderful things.