Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Dreaming my Quilt Away

Welcome to Needlework Tuesday.  A fun place to gather and share your current needlework project.  Leave me a comment with a link to your post and I'll add your information after my post.  I find this a great way to encourage myself to keep working so I have something new to share with your each week.

My quilt challenge is over, so it is time to push that quilt to the back and pull the Scribbling Women one back to the front.  I'd doesn't mean that I am going to forget about yellow, black and white, I am still dreaming about the perfect border or borders.  I'm thinking multi-pieced 1/2 square triangles, though I need to sketch it out.

Last week I received an email contribution by quilt designer/author Barbara Haworth-Attard.  I added a few images that worked with the quote and that block is ready to go.

For those not familiar with Barb and her design partner Judy, check my post from September 2010 when they visited my local guild and regaled us with their work and stories for over an hour.

On Sunday I visited with my mother. She embroidered me a wonderful dream catcher in the perfect colours to match the quilt.  I had hoped to find a poem written by Canadian poet Tekahionwake/Pauline Johnson.  I like her poem, "The Song My Paddle Sings", but it doesn't really work with the theme of the quilt.  I have decided instead to write a little story about dream catchers. 

I have a few other ideas I am working on for this quilt and hope to share them with you next week.

Marie at Daisy's Book Journal is working on a rain chain.  I had not heard of these before and am curious to see how it all turns out.  She has promised photos in a future post.

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Marie said...

Both of those selections are lovely. I love dreamcatchers!
I can't wait to see more of this quilt. I bet it's going to be beautiful.

My post today isn't needlework related, but it's sort of crafty. I hope it's ok that I labelled it "Needlework Tuesday". ;)