Wednesday, 29 June 2011

No Books in Waterloo for the Summer!!!

One of the highlights of my Saturday morning is to read the 'Books' page in my local paper.  This is a full page containing book reviews, author interviews and whatever other literary treats can be found.

Imagine my shock and dissappointment this past Saturday when I read that for the next four weeks, this section will not be published.  What?  Everywhere I turn these days I am finding lists of suggested summer reading, tips on the hottest reads of the summer,  books not to miss this summer.  I have even come to realize that not everyone is like me, some people only read during their summer vacation.  What is going on here.  How can my paper  discontinue this section during this massive reading season.  Usually the paper is a great supporter of literacy, yet they are giving it a huge slap in the face.

I couldn't get this out of my mind.  I decided that I would offer my assistance to the paper.  I wrote the Editor a letter and copied my review of a book from a local author and sent it to them as a 'Letter to the Editor'.  I further informed them that I would do so for the next three weeks in a form of compensation for the missing Books section.

I invite the readers of my blog to also send one of their book reviews or perhaps a list of summer reading suggestions.  Letters can be directed to  Be sure to attach a cover photo of the book with photo credits, such they choose to publish your letter.


Lu said...

That is too bad that you will miss that for the next 4 weeks. It is awesome of you to offer to do it for them too!
At least in KW, you have that section. As you probably know,in Cambridge, we don't even have a daily paper. I could subscribe to the Record, but I don't. But, now that I know about this section, I will be looking into getting the Saturday edition weekly! Too bad I am not very good at writing reviews, or I would send one like you suggested!

Unknown said...

heather that has actually happened with our "big" paper we only get a book selection once a month if that. I always feel lost without it.