Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cover Me by Catherine Mann

I am finally getting back to my summer reading.  Much got put on hold for the month of July due to a death in the family.  I still have a back log of reviews to write and post and will keep working toward that goal.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

As a rule, I don't read modern romances.  For me it's Regency Era  and Kilts, but when I came across this title it caught my attention.  Set on an Aleutian Island, off the Alaskan coast, pararescueman Wade Rocha parachutes into a blizzard to rescue an unknown person in distress.

After her snow machine brakes down, Sunny Foster and her dog Chewie are seeking shelter from the storm, when a man falls from the sky claiming he is there to rescue her.  She is adamant that she doesn't need rescuing.

The next day, while Sunny is trying to escape her saviour, she falls into a crevasse where she finds the bodies of her friends and neighbours.  From this point on I was totally caught in this story.  How could I not be impressed by a total hunk of a man leaping out of a helicopter into a frigid world to save an unknown person.  This is then topped by non-stop action, and I don't mean just male-female interaction, I'm talking more planes, snow machines and assailants shooting guns.    Honestly, I had no idea that a romance story could be so dramatic.

This book also had lots to teach me.  I learned about American Military Rescue training, not something that comes up in my everyday life.  The Aleutian Islands may be located in a frozen part of the world, but they hide some terrific vistas as described by Catherine Mann.

It was a delight to read this book and widen my scope of romances that I enjoy.  I will definitely be looking forward the future books in this new series.  You can read and excerpt from chapter 1 at this link.

Thanks to Sourcebooks for my review copy.

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