Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Retail Therapy

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I was still in need of distraction this week, so sought comfort where I could.  I did keep working on my second version of the pink doily.  I am just about finished row 17 and it is a bit bigger this time. 

Next came several rounds of retail therapy.  i was back to visit my sister and we set out a few times, and then I did some shopping on my own.
Can't go wrong with patternbooks.  These two were both clearance 99 cents at Lens Millls Store.  This is a retail clearance store chain in southern Ontario.  During the course of one week I managed to visit two locations: Waterloo and Guelph.
This booklet came from Michaels.  Again, two locations: Waterloo, and London, Ontario.  Each of the three books has several projects that I would like to try in future months.  I've learned that you must buy these books when you see them, as you might not find them again.
Of course I needed somthing to stitch with.  At the Lens Mills in Waterloo they had these huge balls of crochet thread.  Bernat size 10, 1560m (1745yds) for a mere $3.99 each.  Sure, they are Christmas threads, but I have not doubt that I'll find a project or 5 that will look lovely in these colours.  This is the cost that I usually pay for the 300 m balls by South Maid.
Last week Sherrie suggested that I try the Boye hooks.  They had a range of sizes at Michaels, so I bought these three and am looking forward to trying them on my next project.  Can't change hooks in the middle of a project.
I just couldn't pass up on this sale.  Patons Kroy sock wool.  Regularly over $6.00 on clearance for 99cents.  I have had my eyes on the pattern: Conte Hoodie by Kristin Spurkland in the Interweave Knits Weekend, Special Issue 2010.  It is knit with two strands of sock yarn held together.  One a patterned wool and the other a solid. 
Couldn't leave everything to crochet and knitting.  I did have to venture into a fabric store.  Daughter and I found our way to Fabricland in Kitchener.  They had these amazing quilting fabrics at half off.  It's so hard to find Canadiana fabrics, that seeing the two on the left almost left me faint.  They are wonderful representations of Canadian First Nations artwork.  Sorry I don't know which Nations.  The third fabric is loaded with guitar images, which will make a great pair of boxers for my son.

To round out my week of Retail Therapy, a crochet pattern book: Yummi'Gurumi by Christen Haden & Mariarosa Sala.  It has patterns for the most amazing food, including a full platter of sushi.  That was my goal when selecting the book.   I"m planning a big display of these tasty tidbits.    Thanks to Andrew McMeel Publishing for the borrow of the cover photo.
I am curious to know what my friends have been up to?


Marie said...

Awesome. I'm so jealous of your Patons yarn purchase. 99¢ for a $6 skein of wool? OMG! I love the pattern books and the fabric, too. You did great!

Rikki said...

Great retail therapy, indeed. And lots of crochet, too!
Can you believe I have never even looked at that Gurumi stuff before, but the Sushi pieces look so nice, I must have a look into it.
I keep the few things I bought and made for next week. Not enough to show....

Lady Penguin said...

I have the same Patons Kroy colorway. I got mine on clearance (a bit more than your bargain). I've used 1/4 of a skein for a snake and am hoping I can eek out a pair of baby pants with a navy contrast.

Linda said...

Wow. what a buy for the sock yarn! I love the First Nations fabrics, I have never seen that before.

Cheryl said...

99 cent Kroy Sock???!!! What a bargain! Yay for you!