Saturday, 2 July 2011

Spin by Catherine McKenzie

What would you do to get the job of your dreams?  Would it be worth telling tales about your newest friend?  Kate Sandford found her self in just that situation.  To be honest, so didn't expect to care about IT Girl Amber Sheppard when she met her in rehab.  It was only a means to and end and she really did want that job at the hottest music magazine The Line. In Kate's mind,  going into rehab was only a front, she didn't really need to be here, did she. 

Over the course of the day as I read this novel, I really got pulled into this portion of Kate's life.  At the age of thirty, so didn't have much going for her.  Sure she wrote free lance articles for assorted music magazines and newspapers, but she still lived the life of a starving student and that's who she found herself partying with at every opportunity.

I could totally feel Kate's confusion as she tried to sort out what her counsellor was trying to tell her at rehab and what she thought she knew about herself.  Did she need to be in rehab or was it only the story.  It was clear that she really was battling with this question. 

Thanks to author Catherine McKenzie for a captivating read.  I appreciated all the time that Kate spent examining how she read her life, and I know that when I think back on this book, I will find myself wondering what aspects of my life could use a little contemplation.

This is my first book for the 5th Canadian book Challenge and for the Under The Midnight Sun Readathon.


Em said...

Ah! Here are the answers to all my questions! It sounds like a good read.
Well done for finishing your 1st read-a-thon book!
I'll be back for some more cheering as soon as I get up. Keep it up!

John Mutford said...

I like the quirky cover photo-- not crazy about the question though.

Congrats on finishing your first read-a-thon book!

Melwyk said...

Yay, you finished your first book! Feels great, doesn't it? I haven't reviewed any of my reads yet...will do so after the Readathon as I can't read and think about reviewing at the same time! It's a skill I don't seem to have mastered. I am impressed by all the Readathon-ers who are doing it :)

Wanda said...

I'm just getting my readathon reviews up now.

Hmmm, though I haven't read the book, I do seem to remember reading another review for it somewhere. Maybe over at 'Buried in Print', not sure? Glad to hear you enjoyed your first pick for the readathon.