Sunday, 3 July 2011

Splinters by Kevin Sylvester

This is the best hockey book I have ever read.  It is the imaginative re-telling of the story  of Cinderella.

All Cindy Winters wants to do is play ice hockey.  She loves  the game and plays when ever she gets the chance.  Unfortunately her parents have very little money and can't afford to sign her up to play in an organized league.  Cindy has to work hard and save till the day she has enough money.  She doesn't mind that she has to wear her mothers old and very outdated equipment; she just wants to play.

What she hadn't expected were the nasty Blister sisters.  Once they found out what a good player Cindy was, they did everything they could to keep her off the ice.

This all changes, when at a bleak moment, Cindy's Fairy Goaltender magically appears.

I was laughing through this book.  While this will appeal to most all children, any child who is at all even vaguely interesting hockey will love it and want to read it every day, especially during hockey season (which lasts most of the year here in Canada).

This is my 4th book for the Under the Midnight Sun Readathon hosted by John of The Book Mine Set.


John Mutford said...

A fractured fairy tale + hockey? That's brilliant marketing in Canada. If they could have worked in Christmas, he'd be set for life!

Melwyk said...

I had missed this book somehow -- sounds fantastic and I know just the families to recommend it to at the library! Thanks for highlighting it.

Em said...

It sounds like a fun read!

Wanda said...

Haven't heard of it but I know two young girls into hockey that would love this book! Actually, with the mention of 'Blister Sisters' and a 'Fairy Goaltender', I'm going to seek out 'Splinters' for myself.