Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Duty to the Dead: A Bess Crawford Mystery by Charles Todd

It's 1916 and nurse Bess Crawford has been sent home to England on leave to recover from her wounds.  While there she is determined to finally deliver a message entrusted to her by a soldier who died while in her care.

She is surprised that the family of the soldier receive this message and appear to dismiss it immediately.  Bess is concerned at their nonchalance to what the soldier has deemed a desperately important missive.  Her determination to see this message through and to understand it's importance leads her into a course of events that she could not have imagined.

I was captivated by the character of Bess.  She is definitely the type of person I would choose as a friend and confident.  Not only is she smart and independent, she has a sense of right that won't allow her to let something alone when she knows it isn't right. 

This story had so many twist and turns that I was eager to be finished one page to get on to the next to see what was waiting for me.  I am looking forward to reading more of Bess's adventures.

Author Charles Todd is actually a mother and son writing duo of Caroline and Charles Todd.  They are also the authors of the successful Inspector Rutledge novels.

Thanks to my friend Mike Draper for recommending this series.  You can read his review by clicking his name.


Dorte H said...

I have tried to read one of their stories, but I seem to be the only one in the whole world who can´t really warm to their style.

Marie said...

This sounds really good. I haven't read any of their books, but I one on my to-be-read shelf. I didn't realize that the writing was a team effort. Interesting.

Jill said...

This sounds interesting! Is it part of a series? The first one? I haven't read anything by these authors.

Miri said...

This sounds just like the sort of thing I like. Thanks!

mumtotwo said...

I have a book by Charles Dodd. It is part of Mt.TBR. Had I known that you enjoy Charles Dodd, I would have put it into the bookbox yesterday! I selected 5 or 6 of your additions!! Sorry that you weren't able to make it. I was looking forward to meeting you. Maybe another time!