Friday, 12 August 2011

Endurrun 2011 - ah those aching muscles - Hummus Challenge update

Another 25 km hill run today.  This time at Chicopee Ski Club.  Five loops of a  five kilometre route.  Yes, straight up and down the hills.

So far this week, the runners have covered approximately 108 km.  As you can imagine they must be having some aching muscles.  As a remedy to the pain, all week long we have been joined by the magic fingers wielded by the staff   from KW Health Connection.  Each day they bring their massage tables out to the race and kneed and prod the runners back to optimum condition so they are ready to run again the next day.  Wonderful and friendly people.
 Today I wanted to share a view of the food table.  This is the main after race event.  After such an output of athletics, you have to replenish the tank.  It certainly is a challenge when the runners have also sorts of preferences and dietary restrictions.  We have become fairly adept at dealing with their requests, though I will admit that the most challenging are those with multiple restrictions.  Gluten and lactose intolerance combined with being a vegan  is really making me dig today.  Today I brought baked sweet potatoes along with a quinoa casserole made with vegetable broth and sweet potatoes.  I omitted the Parmesan cheese specified in the recipe and it turned out excellent.
Immediately after the race, the runners are looking for fruit and other foods to help with electrolyte replacement.  The table in the front is their first stop.  We can hardly keep up with the watermelon requests.
The hummus challenge took a turn today.  I brought Cilantro Lime and Sweet Potato.  This first photo is about 20 minutes after the runners started eating.

A few minutes later and the dishes were both scraped clean.  I call this one a tie.  Sunday will be a three way play off of Roasted Red Pepper, Sweet Potato and Cilantro Lime.

I wasn't sure how these flavours would go over, but they are a hit.  It is clear that plain hummus is a washout when flavoured versions are available.

Tomorrow is a 10 km speed trial (slowest runner starts first, fastest starts last). In the evening we'll gather back together for the traditional pre-marathon pasta loading dinner.  I'll be making two versions of the same dish, one with regular wheat pasta and the other with gluten free brown rice pasta.


Marie said...

I've always made my own hummus so I haven't tried these flavoured ones. I'll have to give them a try.

Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

Looks yummy! But what do the gluten-free people eat the hummus on? I avoid carbs, so while I am willing to splurge on garbanzo beans, I don't want to eat it on pita, bread, chips, etc. I'm always looking for a crunchy alternative that isn't a carrot.

Rose City Reader

caite said...

hmmm...I love hummus. Rose City, I would think any veggie would be a good hummus dipper..celery, pepper strips..and carrots of course!

Nan said...

I'm just the opposite. I like my homemade plain-Jane hummus better than flavored ones. :<)
What a great table full of food.

Beth F said...

I too make my own hummus, but the flavors sound interesting. I agree with Caite, veggies are good in hummus and I believe corn tortillas and tortilla chips are gluten free. There are also gluten-free pretzels.

I can only imagine what a challenge it is to make sure everyone has something good to eat.

Louise said...

I'm so excited to read this post Heather. What an amazing world we live in. I tinker with a hummus recipe here in Australia, we exchange recipes and tips here, and then runners in Canada are eating my hummus recipe! That so incredible. I bet they were so appreciative of your bounty of food- it all looks fabulous.