Monday, 8 August 2011

Endurrun 2011 - Day Two and no books

Today we were in beautiful Riverside Park in Cambridge, Ontario.  The runners completed a 15 km route comprised of roads, hills and trails. It was run as a time trial . That means the slowest person starts first and each minute afterward another runner starts ending with the fastest runner.  It's a chase.  An exciting race to watch near the end as the pack really does bunch up. 

The were very few spectators today and not a single book in evidence.  Not that we didn't want to be reading, but the volunteers had lots of food to prepare and we didn't have all that much time.  Due to the nature of this race, the runner finish almost all at once so they are looking for food rather quickly.  tomorrow is a much longer more gruelling stage, hopefully some books will find their way out of bags and I'll be quick and snap some photos.

I did find a few items I wanted to share with you.

Sunday nights sunset from my back deck.

This police officer was located at a rather busy spot along the route where the runners needed to cross a road.

A small portion of the runner listening to the day's results.

Now a question for my readers.  What type of snack do you reach for after a physical workout?  Doesn't matter the sport, we all need to refuel to be ready for the next adventure.  Lately I have been drinking coconut water instead of my usual Gatorade.  The coconut water is the perfect electrolyte replacement.

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Cheryl said...

What a beautiful sunset! My idea of refueling is strawberries, walnuts, and raw old-fashioned oats smothered in soy milk yogurt, with a sprinkling of ground flax seed. Yum!