Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Endurrun 2011 - A very Rainy 30 km

When I went to bed last night it was raining.  Not good knowing that the race on Tuesday was 30 kilometres of hills and trails.  When I woke up this morning, I definitely knew it wasn't good, it was still raining.  After I reconciled that the runners would get very wet, my thoughts turned to the many volunteers who would be standing for hours in the rain, calling out to the runners "Water, Gatorade".  Next I thought of the volunteers like me who would be trying to put together a nutritious and delicious lunch at the same time we tried to keep the bread and rolls dry.  Fortunately I had thought ahead.

On the way home from the race yesterday I stopped at the Lindt outlet store in south Kitchener.  I figured that the volunteers would appreciate a treat on Tuesday.  My daughter helped me select a very large bag of the hazelnut truffles  (0,60 kg bag) and bag of individual wrapped peppermint squares.  I don't know their proper name, but they sure were tasty.

The bag shown is the one daughter and I sampled for quality control.  Had to make sure we were dealing with the good stuff.

For those who didn't like chocolate (are there any such people) I also had baked banana muffins with pecans, and  blueberry oat muffins.

I am curious, do you have any particular food you turn to when the weather is nasty?

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Dorte H said...


But I´ll do almost anything to stay clear of rain. Not just because I don´t like it, but with my health these days my mother´s saying seems to be true - wet feet = sore throat.

So I´d much prefer staying indoors, lighting candles and enjoying a mug of coffee.