Thursday, 11 August 2011

Endurrun 2011 - The Great Hummus Challenge

Yesterday was a wicked hill run.  16 kilometres including a hill known locally as 'Horror Hill'.  Not for the faint of heart, and that includes driving up it in your car.  I will acknowledge that the runners were going up the hill faster than the cyclists.  To see the location for yourself, click on the link "Event Photos" and look at the album for Stage 4.

Event Photos

I caught the mom of one of the participants reading.  She was mid way through The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  My sister has a copy of this waiting for me, I just need to clear a few other books out of the house first.
A family member had trust this book in her hand and insisted she read it.  Her other book that she is mid way through is The Land of Painted Caves from the Earth Children series by Jean Auel.

All week long volunteer Ian has been spoiling us with home baked bread.  Actually, he brings his little oven and bakes it on side.  Wonderfully whole grain and totally yummy.  Yesterday I spread mine with  a liberal layer of sweet potato hummus.

Speaking of hummus.  It happens to be one of the foods that most all of the runners agree on.  They want to everyday.  I have become the official 'hummus maker'.  Now, I don't want them getting bored, thus a variety of flavours has been required.  In fact, it's sort of turning into a competion.

The Great Endurrun Hummus Challenge


Original   vs   Roast Red Pepper     Winner by a slim margin:   Roasted Red Pepper

Monday - no competition due to site specific issues


Original    vs   Cilantro Lime       Winner by a vastly wide chasm:    Cilantro Lime


Roasted Red Pepper   vs   Sweet Potato with Cumin   Winner by a notable gulf :  Roasted Red Pepper


Sweet Potato with Cumin   vs   Cilantro Lime    Winner:  TBA

Links to the various hummus recipes can be found at my earlier post: Weekend Cooking - Hummus Variations.

Do you have a favourite recipe or flavour of hummus?  Perhaps you haven't yet tried hummus, if you haven't I recommend that you do.  It comes prepared from many shops now in a wide variety of flavours.

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