Sunday, 14 August 2011

Endurrun 2011 - Street Party or Race

Don't you just love a great street party.  My neighbours throw the best there is.  Well, if I am to be truthful, it was the sixth race of the series.  It was held on Saturday morning and started ten kilometres away in Elmira, Ontario, which is most famous for it huge one day Maple Syrup Festival in April. You can read more about the festival in my earlier post.

While this stage is a common distance of 10 km, it is run as a time trial, slowest runner starts first, each minute another runner starts , until the  fastest runner who starts last.  Best part of this race is that it ends right in front of my house.  Oh wait, it ends in front of the race director's house, which is across the street from my house. 
That is the finish line.

Yep, that's my house in the background.

After finishing up marshalling a stop light(the runners didn't have to stop for the light, but quite a number of drives had to wait even on a green for the runners to pass by) at the 1km mark, I raced home to work on food, but since the finish line and the crowd blocked my driveway, I safely parked on the next street.

I liked this image of a few of the 20 or so Gatorade jugs that my neighbour uses in his many races.

This is my lonely water station, I had a volunteer Kyle helping me, just short of the 3km mark in today's marathon.  This later became the 24 km water station as the course was a loop they ran twice.  It was also metres away from the 120 km mark for the cumulative mileage of the week.  Remember, these runners are covering 160 km in seven days of racing, many of them composed of extreme hills.

Tomorrow I'll be back with an update to the Great Hummus Challenge.  You might be surprised by the results, but I have photographic evidence and it speaks for itself.

I'll also summarize the wide variety of food that I prepared, including telling you that I used 200 ounces of pre-cooked chickpeas to make all that hummus.   Recipes and links to previously posted recipes will be included.  While you're sitting there dreaming of your favourite post exercise meal, leave a comment and tell me your favourite race distance and what sport (running, walking, biking, swimming etc).


Paulina said...

I enjoyed reading about the Endurrun week on your blog. I'm very impressed with the people who attempt this race! I've never attempted anything beyond 10k myself, so 160km in a week is hard to even imagine. Sounds like it's great fun to volunteer at the event.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Looks like a great community activity, well done all those who participated.

The Single Nester said...

What a fun run! My neighbors are pains in the A&&es! Once this humidity and heat leave NY, I am going to put on my sneakers and attempt to run (with a good sports bra of course).