Monday, 22 August 2011

A Gentleman Never Tells by Amelia Grey

I can't imagine walking up to a stranger in a public park and spontaneously kissing him passionately.  That is exactly what well bred Lady Gabrielle did early one morning just one week before her wedding.

Viscount Brentwood was honoring a promise to his late mother by walking her tiny Pomeranian in the park.  Last thing he expected was a beautiful woman stepping into his arms and then kissing him with abandon.

Good start to a romance, however, it does get even better.  With various family and future family members both pushing them together and trying to divide them, these two manage to find the time to court each other, discourage each other and work together to solve the mystery of dogs going missing from the park.  This mystery angle is a new one to me in Regency era romances.

I found this a totally enjoyable story that transported me from the difficulties of my summer (a death in my family) and allowed me to be free for a couple of hours.  I would have to say that Aunt Bertie was my favourite character.  Lady and Gabrielle and Viscount Brentwood were both well thought out and developed, but it was the Aunt who had my affection.  She was smart and a bit quirky, but at the same time, she didn't let her beloved niece pull the wool over her eyes.  I think that we all need one of these aunts in our lives.

Author Amelia Grey also writes under the names Gloria Dale Skinner and Charla Cameron and has 23 novels to her name, with more to come.

Thank-you to Sourcebooks for my review copy.

August 24, 2011 - cover photo updated.  Thanks to Sourcebook for the new cover image.

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

Not usually a fan of this genre, I have to admit that I'm tempted by the cover of this one as well as your glowing review, thanks for recommending it Heather.