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Eden Mills Writer's Festival 2011 - A Stroll Down Publisher's Way

There aren't many times when I get to talk with dozens of authors in the course of a few hours.  Publisher's Way at the Eden Mills Writer's Festival is one of them.  In between author readings, I headed here and talked with the widest assortment of authors and independent publishers.  I wish I had a massive book budget as I could have filled several bags with future reads. 

The following are all the booths I stopped at, there were more, but time was limited so I did have to skip a few.  If I missed your favourite, please add details in the comments including a link to their site.  These are posted in the order that I visited with them.

David Beasley

Mr. Beasley is the author of over thirty fiction and non-fiction works.  He has also collected the works of Major John Richardson 1796-1852, and republished many of them. 

He has a very informative section about self-publishing that I found fascinating, much of the information being new to me.

 Jessica Ingold

While a student at the University of Guelph, in the Media Studies Program, Jessica has somehow managed to write and publish three works of fiction.  I guess it shouldn't be surprising, as she says that she has been writing stories from the time she learned her first letters.

Poetry London

 This group was founded in 2004 to draw attention to the poets of the London area.  They also feature guest poets from other locations.  Prior to each reading, which is held at the Landon Branch Library, the is a one hour poetry workshop led by Fanshawe College Professor Michelle Doege.

 Josh Martin

Josh is a writer and public speaker.  He says that his writing "tends to revolve around the topics of making the most out of life, work-life balance and simple living."  He has two non-fiction works available at this time.

Donna McCaw

Donna has written a book that provides all sorts of information on planning for your retirement, including: finances, health, timing, relationships and how to adjust to yourself as a retiree.


Mr. Meshake is an artist and write.  He currently has three children's book and it working on more.  He is also available for classroom readings and workshops.  Pictured is his wife Joan Meshake.

Demeter Press

 Demeter Press is the publishing arm of the Motherhood Initiative for Research & Community Involvement.  I had an interesting, though unfortunately brief, discussion about mothers and blogging.  title: Mothering and Blogging: the Radical Act of the Mommy Blog.   They offer numerous other publications as well as The Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement.

 The Book Band

Established in 2003, The Book Band represents a number of small presses and strives to promote the works of their authors.

 Canadians in Support of Afghan Women

"Canadians in Support of Afghan Women or C.S.A.W. is a volunteer Canadian solidarity group of women committed to making women's rights and protection under the law a priority in Afghanistan. To this end, CSAW raises awareness in Canada regarding gender discrimination in Afghanistan by supporting the empowerment of Afghan women and children through their education, employment and skill development."  They had a wide variety of items for sale to support their fund raising efforts.

 Frances Tyrrell

Frances is an incredible artist whose work has appears in publications such as Sears Canada catalogue, Carlton Cards Canada and many others.  She has also illustrated a number of children's books.  I could spend hours lost gazing into her illustrations.  That is Frances at the left side of the photo.

Jeremy had the coolest t-shirt designs.  He will custom design and print from one to a huge number of shirts and ship internationally.  He also represents Jenny Panda.  Jeremy is at the right side of the photo.

Jenny is an artist and writer.  She is the author of several children's books and one of poetry.

 Erin Dunham

In January, Erin released her debut novel, The Art of Dying.    She is currently working on her next book, tentatively titled, The Year of the Dog.

Be sure to click through to her site and read her biography.  It is the best one that I have read in ages.  Eric is seated at the right side of the photo.

I had so much fun visiting with Sherry, Peta-Gaye, and Saskia (seated left to right).   All three are published  by In Our Words.

Sherry has recently published storyteller, a book of short stories.  In 2009, she won the Alice Munro Short Story Award.

She is the author of a book of short stories titled: I too Can Hear the Drums.  Peta-Gaye is currently working on her first full length novel.

Saskia is the author of two books of poetry:  her first,  life unmasked, and her newest, Swimming to the Surface.  She is Chair of the Oakville Chapter of the Canadian Federation of Poets.


Biblioasis is a literary press, publishing poetry, fiction and non-fiction works in beautifully crafted editions.

The New Quarterly

"The New Quarterly is a magazine of Canadian fiction, poetry, and conversation, primarily about the writer’s craft. Our mandate is to nurture emerging writers by publishing and promoting their work alongside that of well-established writers we admire, and to provide an editorial context in which both can be read. We try to balance serious consideration of matters literary with playfulness and invention. The tone is generally celebratory."

Wye Write

Wye Write is a group of eight women, of differing ages and varied backgrounds, though they all live near the Wye River in Simcoe County..  They get together to write and critique each others works.   They have published two collections of short stories. 
Manhattans Music Club:
Mash Mondays

The first Monday of each month, you are invited to an evening of interviews and performances.  The interviewees come from all sorts of fields, broadcasting, writing, academia, research etc., though they will also entertain you with their musical skills.

Author Krista Breen has loved horses for as long as she can remember.  When taking a break from writing she can be found teaching in the arena at the Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre . 

Publishing one Dakotaroo story a year, the Appaloosa is now on his sixth adventure since 2004 and has more yet to come.  Krista told me that she uses a technique called 'torn construction artwork' to create the cover images.

I hope you have enjoyed my stroll and visits with all these wonderful people.  If you decide to visit their sites, please leave them a comment.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful service you provided to these writers by showcasing them in your blog. Bravo!
So glad you enjoyed yourself :).
Stay inspired!

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

What a great festival, what a nice assortment of authors you got to meet with. Sounds like a great time!

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looks like a great event and loads of wonderful writers ,all the best stu