Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Needlework Tuesday - Paisley Boxer Shorts and more

 Needlework Tuesday is open to all readers looking for inspiration, encouragement or who want to share their recent needlework project. Introduce yourself in the comments and be sure to leave a link to your current post.  If you need help on  your project, we can possibly answer your question or direct you to someone who can.

 I have been working on boxer shorts for ages.  Currently I am working on several pairs for daughter and one for hubby.  Daughter has the most eclectic tastes.  These are way out their paisley.  Can't help but smile looking at them.

I wanted to show you a close up of the 'fly' detail. Being that they are for a girl, I have added a row of stitching to close that up, otherwise, that left hand vertical row of stitching would not be there.
 After attending the knitting show last week, I had to start a new project.  I have had this nubbly yarn sitting around for a few years.  I bought it as surplus, so it had no labels.  I have no idea where it is from and what it is made of. 

I cast on three stitches uses in 7.5 mm needles.  Increased at both ends every other row till I had 61 stitches.  Now I am knitting even in knit stitch every row.  I'll keep going till I am on the last ball and then will decrease in the same manner as the increases.
Measures about 54 inches from the tip.   You can notice toward the right of the photo that there is a slight change in colour.  That's where I joined the second ball.  It wasn't obvious looking at the balls that they were different dye lots.  I hope it won't be all that visible when I am wearing it.  Oh well, too bad if it is.  I'll just say "It must be the lighting!" if anyone has the nerve to comment.
I have been searching to find a perfect yarn for Grandma coco's "Papa Bear Sampler Scarf".  I didn't have much luck.  Seeing that Cheryl now has part 3 posted, I really don't want to fall much further behind.  I dug around in the basement and came up with six balls of Patons Astra in two different colours.  If it's not enough, I'll just have to stop when I run out of yarn.  It's a bit thicker than Cheryl suggested, but then again, sock yarn was just a suggestion.  That's one of the things I like about doing stuff myself, I can make changes to the instructions and experiment.

You can follow along on Cheryl's blog, just click the name above, or you can head on over to Ravelry and join Grandma Coco's group.

The weather has turned rather chilly here the past week or so.  Makes me want to cuddle up on the sofa with a fresh new quilt, alas, I haven't stitched on one of those in a while.  So , I will settle for one that is already there and perhaps pile on a knit afghan, pick up a project and settle in.  I look forward to hearing what you've been working on in the past week.  Leave me a comment and a link and I'll add you to our happy group.

Rikki, over at Rikki's Teleidoscope was crocheting with wire this past week.  You must visit with her to see what she has made.


Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Nothing new this week. Love those boxer shorts. Really cute! Your scarf is pretty. Have a great day!

Just Books

Sherrie said...

OOOOOps, forgot to tell you, I've posted about your banned books. Wonderful post you did. I've put the list up at my place. Hope it's ok I "borrowed" it. Have a great day!

Just Books

Cheryl (Grandma Coco) said...

You've got the perfect attitude for this scarf project! I love the colour and as I remember Astra's not very much heavier than sock yarn. It will make a great scarf and will show off the stitch patterns really well. Thanks for joining in!