Sunday, 18 September 2011

Royal Medieval Faire 2011

 Yesterday was the 13th Annual Royal Medieval Faire held in Waterloo, Ontario.

The Excelsior Fencing Club was once again invited to attend.  We fielded an information booth as well as conducted three demonstrations.  Club members fenced with all three blades: foil, epee and sabre.   The first three photos are foil.  Notice the small foil guard. Just large enough to shield the hand.

 It was hard to get some great action photos as these young guys are in constant motion.
The blade guard for the epee is much larger.  The hand is a target area for this blade, so more protection is required.
While roaming around the Faire grounds, I had to go into the armourers tent.  Silver Swords Armouries certainly does carry a blade for every swordsman's desires.   Additional information can be found at their alternate website.

These are real blades, not the decorative ones sold in stores in shopping malls.

Depending on the type of re-enactment you are doing, Rob, the Master at Arms, can answer your questions.  I was quite impressed with his depth of knowledge.

The ones in this final photo are what appeal to me.  Can't you just imagine me with my hands on that sword at the extreme right of the photo.


Linda said...

Very interesting Heather.

Dorte H said...

Yes I could, and I would love to see you with one of them :)

Marie said...

Great post and great photos. I have wondered (not often, but more than once) what the difference was with regards to foils, epees, and sabres. Now I know a little more. Very cool. Thanks!

Rikki said...

I love the paisley fabric!

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