Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween Postcard Book

I recently purchased a copy of this 'book'.  Actually, it is 30 postcards printed on a card stock and bound together in a book format.  I love these cards.  I immediately tore them all out and sorted through them deciding to whom I would be mailing them.  Several are going out right away and the rest will go as the mood strikes me, I'm not hung up on them having to go out before the stated holiday.  The book is from Darling & Company, also known as the Laughing Elephant.  They have additional postcard books for a number of holidays.  

ISBN 13   978-1-883211-78-3

I am posting some of the cards on my other blog: Send a Postcard a Week

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TheBookGirl said...

I like to send postcards, but I rarely see them for sale anymore. This book looks delightful; I want to check out Darling and Company and see what else they have.