Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Needlework Tuesday - A Virtual Road Trip

Needlework Tuesday is open to all readers looking for inspiration, encouragement or who want to share their recent needlework project. Introduce yourself in the comments and be sure to leave a link to your current post. Feel free to grab the cute little mouse for your post.

Yesterday there was a special treasure awaiting me when I went to my mailbox.  Norman and his blankie, or more formally, Norman's Blankie by Cheryl Coville, was hiding in there.  Cheryl, also known as Grandma Coco, has written and illustrated this wonderful picture book.  It tells the story of a quilt that Norman was given as an infant.  As he grows and gets older, so does his quilt.  In fact his quilt gets rather frayed on the edges, but his mommy knows how to deal with that. 

Cheryl has donated the use of her book to Fun with Books, an organization in the counties of Leeds and Grenville (eastern Ontario) that distributes books to children in need of reading material, free of charge.  Over the seventeen years of their operations, they have delivered over a half a million books.

For further information and images from this story, be sure to visit with Cheryl at her blog The Kingdom of Coco.  She also tells you how you can order your own copy of Norman's Blankie.

During my virtual stroll this week, I stopped in at The Knit Cafe.  They have an amazing window display that you really shouldn't miss.  They are featuring a wonderful and ecclectic display of knit owls overseen by a knit skeleton.

Now back to The Kingdom of Coco.  For the past few weeks I have been telling you about the wonderful sampler scarf that Cheryl is working on.  I made a concerted effort this week to get caught up, and yes, I did it.

Week 2

Waffle Stitch - this went quite well, no tricks required.
Week 3

Broken Rib Diagonal Stitch.  This was a new one to me.  It knit up nicely, though it took me a full repeat to get the hang of it.

Week 4
Plain Diamond - I have done a variation of this one before and rather like the effect. 
The final photo shows where I am at now with the first four stitch panels complete.  All ready for stitch 5.

I am curious, did  you do any virtual strolling  to any sort of needlework shop this week?  There must be more shops out there with wonderfully decorated windows.  Be sure to add the links in the comments along with a link to your post.

Over at Rikki's Teleidoscope, Rikki has combined crochet and beading to make beautiful flower necklaces. 


Anonymous said...

Love all the textures!
Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

Rikki said...

I love all those patterns. Very lovely! This might also be nice with a crochet scarf. Must think about it.

Cheryl (Grandma Coco) said...

Your scarf looks great, Heather. I like the alternating colour effect. Thanks so much for mentioning Norman's Blankie. Fun With Books is a great cause.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

I so need to get hold of a copy of Norman's Blankie.

Tami said...

As always, I'm so jealous of your knitting ability. The scarf is beautiful. And thanks for sharing about Norman's Blankie. I need to get a copy for our daughter, who drug her blanket around until it was just a scrap of fabric.

I'm making a fresh start on crafting (hopefully) and starting a new cross-stitch project.