Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Needlework Tuesday:Starting a Stocking

 Needlework Tuesday is open to all readers looking for inspiration, encouragement or who want to share their recent needlework project. Introduce yourself in the comments and be sure to leave a link to your current post. Feel free to grab the cute little mouse for your post.
 Last night I finished my fifth stitch for Grandma Coco's Papa Bear Sampler Scarf.  The stitch is called Basket Rib 1.  This was a new one to me, but very straight forward.  Lots of 'slip stitch purl ways' which isn't difficult by any means.  Due to the slipped stitches, this is a slightly more firm knit.  Pattern six is up now for those following along.

Since I am in a knitting frame of mind, I thought it was about time to get started on a Christmas Stocking for my daughter.  I have been finding it rather embarrassing that my kids have store bought stockings.  This year it must change.  I found a skein of Briggs and Little Heritage weight in gold.  Am going to knit it in 5.5mm needles and use a sock stitch pattern called Diamonds and Lace from Knitting circles around Socks.    The stocking pattern itself is from a kit I bought way back.  Unfortunately it doesn't have a publisher or company name on it.  Since I haven't started, I don't have any photos.
Finished two more pair of boxers.  Obviously these are for daughter.  Son wouldn't be caught in the same room with these beauties.  They are the same size, but the camera angle makes them different.  Three more pairs to go in this batch.
As you can imagine, I need a new project just as much as I need a new hole in my head.  Red Heart Yarn has started their latest Crochet-Along today.  They are hooking that wonderful snow flake afghan that I made for my niece last year.  I hooked hers in the colour suggested in the pattern, though for myself, I am making  mine a touch more colourful.  If you decide to make this project, I recommend purchasing more than the suggested 5 balls of variegated.  I used at least 6 balls and might even have started into the 7th.  I sent these corrections to Red Heart, but they chose not to make note of them.

Tami at Just One More Thing...  is joining with me this week and also working on a stocking.  Be sure to drop by and encourage her.  I'm not big on doing cross stitch as I am so slow, so I will be eagerly watching her progress.

Sherrie over at Just Books is working on her ripple stitch afghan.  Love the use of the variegated yarn.

I made my first stocking when I was in a girls group at my church.  I think I might have been ten.  It still make an appearance each year, though it is small and barely anything fits in it.  Mrs. Claus managed to find items that would fit in it every year.  I'll have to search it out and share it here.  It is starting to show it's age, and has lost some beads.  Perhaps this is the year to fix it up a bit.  Have you made stocking for the holidays?  Leave a comment and let me know.


Sherrie said...

Hi Heather.
Love the knitted afghan your working on. Those boxers are cute. Thanks for sharing the Red Heart Crochet A Long. I may join in on that one. I've started working on my Ripple Afghan again. Hoping to get it done this winter. Have a great day!

Just Books

Tami said...

So cool that we're both thinking Christmas stockings. Your way is certainly faster - at least for you. It would take me years to knit anything.

Thanks for dropping by the blog. The picture shown is the new stocking I'm starting. I was hopeful that it wouldn't be as intricate as the last one, but when I opened the pattern I saw "no such luck!"

No telling how many more grandkids there will be - we still have to kids unmarried - so this may be a bad habit to start. :)

Rikki said...

Seems that stockings are coming into fashion again this time of year. Can't wait to see yours.
No Needlework Tuesday for me this week. I have only finished the flowers for a new necklace, beading still needs to be done.