Sunday, 6 November 2011

Japanese Maple Trees that just won't Quit

We are having glorious fall weather here in South Western Ontario.  I have been spending a few days each week with my parents.  Over the past years my dad has done much work in his back yard turning the whole area into gardens.  It is fenced on all sides and this seems to be keeping the air slightly warmer.  His Japanese Maple trees are still covered in leaves.  The colours are gorgeous.  These pictures were taken a week ago, so this particular tree is now all yellow and red, but still very lovely.
This one is the largest and is still totally red and not dropping it's leaves.

 This green tree has been transplanted once or twice, so is a bit behind the others.  It will catch up eventually as it is very healthy.
I may not know the different varieties of these trees, but they are wonderful to have in the yard to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

One of my favourite trees :)!!
Stay inspired!

Dorte H said...

Oh, they are ever so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them.

Marie said...

Beautiful! I've been dreaming of having some red fall colours in our yard. It looks like a Japanese Maple would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Something about the trees reminds me of some Japanese ghost stories I read for Halloween. It's the simultaneous bright and wispy qualities, I suppose. Lovely.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

How lovely. Alas our Japanese maples have long since lost their leaves.