Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Needlework Tuesday - One Woman Quilt Show Part 2

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As promised last week, I am back with part two of a very special quilt show.  I am featuring quilts made by none other than my mother, Elaine Tucker.  If you missed the first part of the show, click here to view part 1, then return here and continue.  I have tried my best to post the quilts in chronological order.

Shelley's Song - This large lap size was made for my sister Shelley.  She is an accomplished singer, hence the title.  2010

"Row by Row This Quilt Did Grow"  September 2010.  Round Robin quilt make with members of the London Friendship Quilt Guild.  My mother pieced the second row of three blocks.  Other participants included: Christine Racher, Ellie Elderidge, Margret Parsons, and Karen Cole.

 Irish Landscape - from a class taken during the Irish Quilt Show in Ailsa Craig, Ontario in 2010.  Teacher Miriam Gogarty from Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland.  Finished September 2010.  Prior to taking the class with Miriam, my mother had traded fabric postcards with her many times.

"By the Slice" July 2011.  Made for Grandson Paul.  This was presented to him on the occasion of his 10th birthday.  Pattern by Bonnie Hunter, Quiltville.
During the summer of 2011, the online quilt guild that both of us belong to, hosted a mystery project.  I suggested to mom, that we both make it, with the intent of giving the finished project to the other.  Here's the one that mom made for me.  She chose colours she knew I would love, lots of orange and made it the perfect length for my coffee table.  Unfortunately, she is still waiting for the one I am piecing for her.

"Huggs" 2011.  This is destined for a great nephew.  It is made from the "H" block as his last name begins with that letter.
Don't you just love this panel that mom used on the back. 

 "Kisses" 2011 is destined for another great nephew, a cousin of the one receiving "Huggs".  Back panel is the same, though in a different colour.  The block used is called "Jacob's Ladder" since that is the recipient's name.
 "Camelot" February 2011.  Pattern idea came from a magazine, though we couldn't find that specific issue.  Elaine sewed a 4 patch block, then angled the ruler and trimmed.    She didn't have a name for this quilt, and decided that she would randomly pick a piece of fabric that she had set aside for her next quilt.  Whatever that fabric was named, would be the name for this quilt.  Turned out to be a great choice.
 This is the most recent quilt that mom has completed.  It is made from a jelly roll using that "Jelly Roll 1600 inch" technique.  This one belongs to my father.  He was very ill and mom needed something to distract her, and quilting filled the bill.  The top was already pieced, but it needed a back. 
 My dad loves Halloween and all the wonderful orange colours that are used for decorating.  Mom found this amazing panel and added a bit extra fabric and used it for the backing.  This is kept in the front room where dad spends much of his time.  It is at hand to pull over my legs when I am visiting.
I have run out of photos, though there are at least ten more quilts out there with mom's name on the label.  I will be posting those when I am able.  In the mean time, I want to tempt you with some of the dozens of fabric postcards that she has made.  The ones shown in this photo are about 1/4 of the ones she has received in exchanges.  Following are links to my other blog, Send a Postcard a Week, where I have posted pics of the cards she has sent to my house.

Not all of the cards we have received have yet been shown on my postcard blog, here are a few more that I particularly love.  Hope you enjoy them as well.  Thank-you so much for visiting my mom's One Woman Quilt show.  Please leave a comment as I will be printing them out for her.

I have tried to give credit for pattern and block sources when they are know.  I apologize to the designer of any patterns when I haven't.

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Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Your mom's quilts are beautiful. I really like the Jelly Roll quilt. Those quilt cards are awesome. I tried those once but couldn't quite get the hang of it. I'm working on hexagon's for a blanket. Have a great day!

Just Books

Threeundertwo said...

I love her quilts! I wish I could find some great panels like those - they work so great on backs.

The postcard stack is amazing. Just amazing.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Gorgeous, absolutely beautiful, I especially adore that back panel your mom did, so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts,Heather.... tell your Mum I especially love the postcards.

Wendy said...

What a wonderful post about your Mom's quilts. She sounds like a real going concern..fingers are not idle much are they? Thanks for sharing.

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

Absolutely gorgeous quilts! All so beautiful! Your mom is so talented. Pretty postcards!

Amy said...

Truly fantastic what your mother can do on a quilt!

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Thanks so much for posting your Mom's quilts!! I'm a member of the LFQG and yes, I've seen a number of these quilts at show and tell. Love her quilts and reading about who received them!! Glad you enjoyed visiting the guild...there's a lot of talent in that group :-). My head is always spinning with new ideas to try when I get home LOL