Saturday, 31 December 2011

OmniLit - All Romance ebooks

Early in December I came across a link/ad for OmniLit.  They were hosting a 12 days of Christmas promotion.  Each day, for the 12 days preceeding Christmas they were giving away a free romance ebook.  This was an offer I couldn't ignore.  I immediately signed up for their newsletter: Wildfire and got ready for the next day's offering.   OmniLit  carries a wide range of fiction and non-fiction ebook titles, while their All Romance carries solely romance offerings.

I have a Blackberry Playbook and was able to easily download the Adobe Acrobat version .  Be sure to check the help section to determine if there is a format suitable for your ereader.

Following are reviews for two of the books I elected to download.

Catch Me If You Can by Stacey Espino

Working in a bank is a good career option, but it sure can be boring.  When Christina found that her dearly departed grandmother had left her a two month vacation at a fancy rural spa, she leapt at the opportunity for a break from her humdrum existence.  Unfortunately her excitement evaporated the moment she spied the so-called spa.  It looked more like a run down ranch with none of the luxury she had expected.  Deciding that perhaps her grandmother knew best, she accepts the offer to stay, at least for the night.

The three cowboys on the ranch are almost as mystified as is Christina.  They aren't sure what to do with their guest either.  Each of the four have relationship issues that they aren't equiped to deal with on their own.  Can Christina help the men overcome their hurts and can they in turn help her regain her confidence.

I will admit that I was blushing as I read this story.  A menage a quatre in not my usual fare when it comes to erotic stories.  This was handled in a very caring and loving manner. It was plain to see the relationship develop between Christina and each of the men.  This story was more about the love and romance and the threat to their relationships than it was about the physical activity.    I would gladly read more by Canadian author Stacey Espino.  Stacey also writes m/m fiction under the pen name Winona Wilder.

Cover image from the website of Stacey Espino.

A Little Harmless Submission by Melissa Schroeder

FBI Agent Maria Callahan has a plan to trap the mad man who is killing women associated with BDSM clubs around the United States.  She will need the help of Detective Rome Casino of the Hawaii Police Department if her plan is to succeed.  Rome is a member of the local BDSM club and a reknown Dom.  Maria is willing to go undercover as his sub if that will lure out the killer.  After setting her eyes on Rome, she knows that the job will be dangerous for more than the obvious reasons. Her heart will be at risk.

This story follows all the expected lines of a police investigation, with the addition of the physical activity between Maria and Rome. In their run down of the possible suspects, we are introduced to an colourful set of characters, several of which could be the basis for a spin off novel (this is the sixth in a series, so perhaps that is exactly what has happened in the earlier books). Now that I have read this installment, I am curious of the events that happened in earlier books.   I enjoyed  watching Maria and Rome's relationship develop, even though it did occur at a rather fast pace for my more old fashioned morals.  Author Melissa Schroeder kept me guessing at the perpetrator of these murders, he didn't even figure in my mind for most of the story.

Cover image from the website of Melissa Schroeder.


Miri said...

LOL! I took advantage of one of those free romance e-book things last year...their idea of romance is definitely more graphic than mine!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

My, those certainly are some raunchy covers you've posted.

Heather said...

I've always stated that I read a wide range of books, so I try not to draw an artifical line of which i will review and which I don't. Fair's fair.

As for the cover, well, let's just say, I wouldn't leave these ones out on the coffee table for daughter to find.

Thanks to Miri and Petty Witter for their comments.