Monday, 23 January 2012

Into the Mist by Elizabeth Sinclair

"Help, I need help, help me!" 

It's late and there is no one out, no cars on the road and why is there blood on her hands?  "Help me!!!"  She spies a light and follows it.  When she arrives the door opens and she is welcomed in, almost as though they had been waiting for her.

Carrie has no idea that she is in Tarrytown, New York on this cold snowy night and in fact, she doesn't even know her own name.  She does know that she needs help.  Fortunately for her, she has arrived at the door step of Irma, Meghan and Steve.  They work with the community of 'Renaissance' to help those people who are in need of finding themselves.

Renaissance is a community that exists beyond the usual realm of time.  It becomes visible to the outside world only when there is a person in need of their special services.  Irma helps guide these lost souls to the gateway and Meghan and Steve act as gatekeepers.

This is the second book in the series, the first being Miracle in the Mist, though you can easily read this second book without having read the first.  Author Elizabeth Sinclair has written an enjoyable though slightly predictable story.  I found the first third of the book just a little to 'goody two shoes' for me.  The story starts the day before Christmas eve in a picture perfect setting with four people sitting and waiting for the people in need.  Too cute.  I found the resolutions to some of the 'issues' to be too easy.  The logic was presented, and boom, the person was over it.  While we learn a lot about the issues surrounding the main characters, we don't really learn much about them as people.  There wasn't much to make me want to care about them.

Into the Mist was fun to read, but it didn't leave me wanting to read more.

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mumtotwo said...

I knew I would not enjoy this book just from the blurb, and am not sure why I even had it! That is the exact reason I placed it in the bookbox! I am glad that even though it didn't leave you wanting more that you enjoyed it enough to finish it.