Wednesday, 22 February 2012

When can I get that Book?

A couple of weeks ago, I spent three days chasing all over the net to find the clues and answer the 50 plus questions about the hottest YA books to be hitting the shelves in the next few months.  If you are like me and can't pass up the opportunity to hear about some new reads, be sure to go visit The Apocalypsies.  Once there you'll find posts from dozens of authors and links to their sites.  Along with the major prize, many of the authors also hosted contests on their blogs.  I was fortunate to win two of these prizes.

Anita Howard, author of the upcoming Splintered, a darker Alice in Wonderland spinoff send me this cool book plate.  Now I am waiting to get that book, no library borrow for me.  You can also read an introduction to Anita at The Apocalypsies site.

The next day I received an envelope from author Gina Damico.  Inside I found this bookmark and book plate for her very soon to be released novel Croak.  An introduciton to Gina can be found at The Apocalypsies site.

Shopping list:

Splintered by Anita Howard
Croak by Gina Damico


Libby said...

Those prizes are so great! I love stuff you can't get anywhere else! Do you know whether that type of site exists for other genres? I don't do that much YA cause I a MAA (middle aged adult).

Felicity Grace Terry said...

To visit this site I fear would be too great a temptation but thanks for the link anyway.