Tuesday, 13 March 2012

March Madness 2012 - Week 2 - 32 books

Did you vote for your favourite team book last week?  Sixty-four books were vying for the title of top HarperCollins books.  Thirty-two books remain in the competition.  Here's the link for this week's voting.

A couple of results.  No surprise, Marley and Me beat out Justin Beiber's book by a 93:7 % vote.  I did think that Slash would give Freakonomics a better run for it's readers, alas, it lost out at around 40:60 % readers.

My fav Room by Emma Donoghue is back, though this time it is up against Lionel Shriver and her The Post Birthday World.  Could be a tight race.

I am pleased with how well the classics are preforming.  Bridge to Terabithia deserves it's current rank and I think we'll be seeing it back in the next round.  Even though I read it about 40 years ago, I still have fond memories of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and hope to see it move on to round 3.

Where do your allegiances lie?  Which team book are you voting for.  Leave a comment and let me know whether you favour new or classic titles.

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Martha @ Hey, I want to read that said...

I loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn when was younger and then reread it again last year for my book club and it really held up for me. Maybe even more so, going to vote for it now.