Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Storybound by Marissa Burt - open text available till the end of April

Storybound By Marissa Burt

It was a real treat to read Storybound by Marissa Burt.  This YA novel is currently unlocked and the entire text is available to be read on the HarperCollins website.  HarperCollins Canada  HarperCollins USA  Choose the appropriate site and start reading today.

Una is a foster child who has no idea of her history.  All she knows is that she has lived in a lot of families yet not been considered a part of any of them.  She feels invisible at home and at school.  To escape the torments of school, she seeks solace in the library basement.  One day she is forced to sit at a different table and ends up reading an unusual book. It is unmarked and untitled.  Inside the book it has a title "The Tale of Una Fairchild"; what are the chances that their was another person with the same name.

Somehow, this book magically transports Una to another place/school.  In this place, people are referred to as characters, and the students are preparing to become characters in books.

By this point I was totally immersed in this story.  I could hardly put it down.  How could there be a world where students trained to become the beloved characters as well as the evil villains in the books I read. Wow.  Great concept. 

I am not going to tell you any more about the story as I don't want to give away a thing.  I will say that I did not figure out what was going to happen next and was racing through the book to find out.  I didn't want to story to end, but I wanted to know what had happened to create the current situation that pulled Una into that world.

This would be a wonderful story to read with your pre-teen. The cast of characters is quite diverse with heroes, villains, talking animals and ladies in need of rescue, and don't forget Una, who is quite capable of rescuing others.   I know my ten year old nephew would love it.  What are you waiting for, click the HarperCollins link above and start reading.

Thanks to HarperCollins Canada for use of the cover image.


Marissa Burt said...

Thanks so much for reading! I'm thrilled you like Storybound, and I love that you're blog focuses on quilting AND reading.

I think about quilting a lot even though I've only made a few baby quilts. So therapeutic! I tell myself when my boys are older, I want to tackle a full quilt!

Miri said...

Thanks for the link...I really enjoy reading YA books both for themselves and for a peek into what kids are reading. (I just finished the Hunger Games series-felt I had to read it after I read a review of the movie and the reviewer wrote that "of course" he hadn't read the book-after all it was a YA. Ugh! I thought it was very good-and really something adults should read-totalitarianism just doesn't go away by itself.)