Thursday, 3 May 2012

Jane Austen Travels the World - Well, Sorta Travels

One hundred and ninety-five years is an awfully long time for any one person to remain in the same place.  Nothing new to see, nothing new to taste, not even a new book to read.  I can't imagine staying put for more than a few days, I'd be going crazy after a few months.  Jane must be stomping her feet in aggravation while she tries to figure a way out of this predicament.  Well, perhaps I exaggerate just a wee bit.  I don't know for sure that Jane Austen ever stomped her feet in frustration or in any other manner, but I do know that she really hasn't travelled since 1817 when she passed away. 

You might be wondering why I am suggesting that it's time that Jane went travelling.  The good people at Sourcebooks have recently released All Roads Lead to Austen: A yearlong Journey with Jane by Amy Elizabeth Smith.  While she was travelling, Amy took along with her copies of all six of Jane's books.  She wondered how they would fare during her modern travels.

Sourcebooks wasn't finished at that point, they wanted to see Jane, not just her books, travel.  They have created this cool image of Jane and are asking that their readers and lovers of Jane Austen show her the modern world.  Print out this image and take it with to show her the sites.  Be sure to take a photo and then submit it Sourcebooks to be entered to win some great prizes.  Details of the contest can be found on the special Facebook page.  There are sample photos at Facebook.

This is a cool contest, but I am not walking around with a paper print of Jane and posing it for photos.  I decided to print the image on fabric and work it into a mini quilt.  What the heck, I printed two, one for me to travel with, and one to send off to my readers so that they can assist Jane in her travels and get their own photos for the contest.

This is my mini quilt Travelling Jane.  She measures 9 1/4 inches by 11 1/4 inches.  She has confided that she doesn't mind travelling in an envelope as long as she gets to go on an airplane.   I still have to add the binding, but Jane wants to get moving.

If you would like Jane to come visit you for a few days, leave me a comment.  She is willing to visit with you as long as you take her some where interesting for photos and then send me a digital copy as well as enter yourself and the photos in the Sourcebooks contest.  Then you will need to airmail mail Jane along to the next person somewhere else in the world (probably will be international) who has requested her.  After she has returned to me, I'll randomly put the names of Jane's hosts in  a hat, and select one to have Jane return to live with you.  Hopefully Jane will visit the Sourcebook offices and perhaps Bath or London....

Thanks to Sourcebooks for use of the cover image.

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Amy Elizabeth Smith said...

I love your quilted Austen image -- it looks great! And what a nice idea, to set her traveling, too. I wish I could have had it with me in Central and South America.

Thanks for sharing this!

Take care,
Amy Elizabeth Smith

Linda said...

I think your Jane mini-quilt would like to visit Quilt Canada in Halifax later this month. Put me on your list. Sounds like fun.

Roslyn said...

What a fun thing to do! Once when we had to leave our Aussie Terrier to go to Aus. to visit my family, we took along a little statue of an Aussie & took pics wherever we went. the Great Barrier Reef etc! Then I blogged the events & pics. Button had fun .