Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Needlework Tuesday - What's HOT

Needlework Tuesday is open to all readers looking for inspiration, encouragement or who want to share their recent needlework project. Introduce yourself in the comments and be sure to leave a link to your current post. Feel free to grab the cute little mouse for your post.

What fun it was knitting this ruffled scarf for my daughter.  It worked up very quickly.  Started it on Tuesday and finished on Wednesday.  Daughter has worn it several times since.  I have started a second one using a 'yarn' that varies from a creamy white to black.  Even though it is the same brand it does feel different, not as nice.  I'm sure it will look as good, though I much prefer brights.

This past Saturday, I attended the Creative Festival in Toronto, Ontario.  I have been to this event sporadically since it's inception 24 years ago.  The first show was overwhelming.  This years was a lot of fun, but not so all encompassing.  One thing that has remained the same, is that the food vendors leave lots of room for improvement.  At least they didn't run out of food before lunch time, which happened the first year.

There were two products that stood out this year.  You couldn't walk ten metres without seeing a version of one or the other.  First, ruffle type yarn.  It was every where in more than a few varieties.  It was available in plains, variegated, metallic threads added, tiny pompoms on the edges, and a few others.  I bought the following one for daughter as she had specifically asked for 'pink'.  You will never mistake this for anything other than pink.  I did purchase three others, though they were inadvertantly left in my sister's bag.  She was not in the least interested in these scarves, but she left the show will four different balls of this yarn.  Addictive.

The second item that was found at almost every quilting booth, was the `"Lil' Twister" pattern and template.  I have used this technique years ago, though there was no template available at that time.  You had to draw a plastic template and trace around it one your base fabrics then hand cut the newly formed squares. 

I was unable to locate that project and the photo of it has disappeared into some virtual world, arg.  I have plans for lots of playing with this template.  I'll be sure to take photos to share.

I have started on a new mystery project.  It's not a mystery to me, but to you.  All I'll tell you is that it involved Jane Austen, or well, an image of Jane.  I should have it completed by Thursday and will share it with you then.  Be sure to drop back for a visit on Thursday and possibly Jane will be coming to visit at your house/quilt studio.

You should pop on over to Lit and Laundry and check out the cute Easter Bunny.  I bought a ball of tangerine colour yarn and am looking for a cuddly to knit or crochet.  Also posted is a photo of a wonderful forest cross stitch.

Sherrie at Just Books has been crocheting up a storm.  Several of her projects are posted.
Were you stitching this week?  I am curious if you have knit any of these ruffle scarves?  If you have photos on your blog, you are invited to leave a link in the comments, or send a copy of the photo to my email  heatherdpear at hotmail dot com and I'll be happy to add them to the post.


Marie said...

I love these frilly scarves!! My neighbour has one, which I saw a couple of months ago. I was surprised to learn that she made it herself. It was gorgeous!

I'm going to have to keep my eye out for them the next time I'm yarn shopping. Very cool!

Linda said...

I love the ruffle yarn too. I kinda went crazy over the winter and made six of them. I tried a few different brands and loved them all. My daughter and sister made several too. They are addictive.

Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Beautiful scarf. I'll have to make me one of those. I've posted my Neelework Tuesday if you want to take a peek. Have a great day!

Just Books