Friday, 22 June 2012

First Nations Friday: Canoe Way: The Sacred Journey

While wandering the internet, I came across the video, Canoe Way:the Sacred Journey.  I have copied the description below from their website.  I certainly could not have summed it up any better.

Canoe Way: The Sacred Journey documents the annual Tribal Journeys of Pacific Northwest Coast Tribes and First Nations as they follow their ancestral pathways through the waters of Puget Sound, Inside Passage and the Northwest Coast. Families and youth reconnect with the past and each other. Ancient songs, dances, regalia, ceremonies, and language were almost lost and are coming back.
Witness first hand, through the words and images of a proud people, as they share the story of the resurgence of the cedar canoe societies – and how it has opened a spiritual path of healing through tradition.

I'll be sending a message to my librarian to determine whether there is a copy available that I can view.

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

A long time since you had one of these First Nations posts. As always this was fascinating.