Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Boat Who Wouldn't Float by Farley Mowat

I can't recall the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed a book.  This one held me in rapt attention. From the opening lines through to the final word.  I've read that Farley Mowat is a 'natural story teller' and I totally agree.  I burst out in laughter so many times while reading this book, and often in public places.  Thankfully most everyone on the plane was sleeping while I was trying unsuccessfully to contain my chuckles.
What did I find so amusing you might ask. Well, just about everything Mr. Mowat wrote.  He can manage to turn the most sorry of stories into an award winning humorous novel.  

This is the tale of his little Newfoundland boat that just didn't want to float.  Whether it was the wood or the design, the Happy Adventurer was continually threatening to take Farley and his sailing companions down into the deep.

During the several years of fretting and sailing this little vessel, there were many times when Farley could have called it quits, but he perservered and eventually succeeded in turning her into a sea worthy ship.  This true life story shows great spirit and tenacity.

I have several more books by Mr. Mowat that I am moving to the front of my reading list.  I can't imagine why I haven't read any of these works earlier.

This book counts as part of the 6th Canadian Book Challenge hosted by John at The Book Mine Set.


Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Sounds like a great book. I'll have to check it out. Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

One of my all time favourite Farley Mowat books. I also enjoyed The Dog Who Wouldn't Be :).
Stay inspired!

Linda said...

My absolute favourite! Farley is amazing.