Monday, 16 July 2012

The Expats by Chris Pavone

From the Hardcover edition

The novel starts with a short Prelude that grabbed me into the story and didn't let go until the final word.  I couldn't have stopped reading even had I wanted to.  Mulitiple passports, rolls of cash  and a gun, all signs of a family that's been on the run.

We soon learn that Kate Moore is ex-CIA, is there really such a thing as leaving the CIA while still alive, and she has moved to Luxembourg when her husband Dexter was transferred there to a prestigious position in security. She  has talked herself into believing that she is ready for a normal life of being a wife and mother to her two small children.  It can't be that hard to socialize with the other expat wives.  At least she believes this until she starts to suspect her new friends Julia and Bill of being much more than they appear.  She is convinced that they are watching her and Dexter, but can't imagine why.

Is Kate paranoid or should she be worried.  And who should she be worried about. 

While I was reading, I could hardly put the book down.  I carried it around the house with me and continued to read every chance I had.  I was fascinated with Kate's life and how she was dealing with all the change in her life.  Not only did she quit her job, but she moved countries and had to settle into a totally different lifestyle.  Everyday she met with expats from many countries; could she trust these women or were they being her friend for very different reasons.

I really had no feeling or connection with Dexter.  All the way through the book, he was a mystery to me.  Bill was much the same. I couldn't have cared less if anything had happened to these men.  Julia I could have almost liked, but she seemed rather elusive when it came to the  details, and it's always in the details when deciding whether I like a person.

The plot lines kept me guessing the entire book.  I wasn't able to outguess the author at any time.  Very promising for a debut novel.  I'll be looking forward to future books by Chris Pavone.

Thank-you to Randomhouse for the use of the cover image and for my review copy.

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