Friday, 6 July 2012

Siren by Tricia Rayburn


I'm not sure how I came across this book, though I am glad it found me. I didn't know what a siren was when I started the book and I wasn't concerned as I expected the story would reveal why the title was chosen. 
Back to the beginning.  Two sisters, Vanessa and Justine are at their summer cottage with their parents.  Justine, the eldest, is the popular, successful one with a streak of dare devil.  Vanessa seems to be afraid of her own shadow.  That could be related to her near drowning a few years earlier.  It is a shock to the whole family when Justine is found dead in the water at the foot of a daunting cliff.  The police write it off to a tragic accident.  Vanessa is not so sure.

After the funeral, Vanessa returns to the cottage to sort through the events that led to her sister's death.  Turns out that things aren't what they appear.  There is a lot more to peaceful Winter Harbor, Maine than anyone expected.

Two brothers and two sets of sisters form the basis of most of the action in this novel.  I enjoyed the contrast of Justine and Vanessa who seem to adore each other and support one another in all their endevours, compared to Zara and Paige who always seem to be at each others throats and pushing the other's wrong buttons.  People aren't often who they seem to be, they are often hiding great secrets.   As I said, not knowing what a siren was kept me in suspense longer than I would have thought.

I enjoyed this YA novel by Tricia Rayburn  and am looking forward to learning more of Vanessa's story.

Books in this Series:

Dark Water  - release date July 10, 2012

Thanks to Author Tricia Rayburn for the use of the cover image.

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