Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Needlework Tuesday: Long Term Projects

Needlework Tuesday is open to all readers looking for inspiration, encouragement or who want to share their recent needlework project. Introduce yourself in the comments and be sure to leave a link to your current post. Feel free to grab the cute little mouse for your post.

The Dutch 9 Patch block from Quilter's Cache is one that I have loved since I first pieced it a few years ago.  My intent is to make a wedding quilt for my nephew, fortunately he is no where near engaged.  I have about 20 blocks made, and added two to the total this past week.  Don't know how I will put them together, but I still need a few more dozen, as they are 9 inch blocks, so I have lots of time till I need to worry about that.
For his sister, I have been making tiny Churn Dash blocks.  These are from a pattern in the October 2001 issue of McCalls Quilting.  These are 5 inch blocks and I have completed 35 of 128.  Work on these two projects will continue at a sporadic pace until a marriage becomes imminent.
Two weeks ago I came across a new tutorial that Deanne had posted on her blog, Wedding Dress Blues.  It is for The Wave Goodbye Bag.  I fell in love with it and decided that rather than add it to the bottom of a very long list, I would sew it right away.  I already had a bunch of strips cut, so started right in.  Green and peach seemed the perfect match.
A little bit of sub cutting and pressing.
every thing sewn together and pressed.
A gorgeous tote bag for me to use when shopping, but not for groceries, this one is to stay clean.
Early in June I bought a ball of Bernat Baby Jacquards.  I have been knitting scarves for a few years and my family now has more scarves than they can possibly need.  Hats would be a good choice.  When I spied the free hat pattern on the band, I bought the ball.  OK, I don't have a baby to put the hat on, but it sure is cute.  In fact, the 100g (3.5oz) has enough yarn to knit three hats.  I have made two so far and will do the third shortly. Shown are the smallest and largest sizes.  I used the colour named 'Easter Basket'.  These will be going in the basket and when I have knit enough hats, then family members will be invited to select one.

Knitting these hats was a perfect choice while watching the Olympics.  Are you as addicted to watching the Olympics as I am ?  Did you pick up a stitching project to do while watching?


Deanna said...

Your tote looks great! I love the scrappy color scheme. Nice work.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Loving your tote bag, it would be great for books.

Marie said...

Gorgeous tote bag! Love the fabrics you chose. I've saved the website, so maybe one day...

Your long term quilt projects are very nice! It's great that you are thinking ahead. ;)

Chinoiseries said...

You're a quilter! I didn't know that :) I took a few basic handquilting courses a few years back, but I've found knitting to be more enjoyable than quilting. Also, my bf is against anything quilted on the walls and on the bed :/ A pity! I love seeing beautiful quilts though!

Chinoiseries said...

Ok. I should have known you're a quilter, as your blog is aptly named Books and Quilts. Sorry!