Friday, 30 November 2012

First Nations Friday: Baseball Bats for Christmas by Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak

 Baseball Bats for Christmas is unlike any Christmas story I have read before.  It is set in Canada's far north in the community of Repulse Bay, which is situated on the Arctic Circle.  Time, 1955.

Christmas in Repulse Bay is celebrate in church with family and friends.  Gifts are not bought, they are given from the heart.  Supplies that can't be found on the land or sea, are flown in by the Hudson's Bay Company.  This year, the pilot brought six trees, which the children had never seen before.  Trees don't grow this far north and they wondered what they were for.  Read the story and follow the children as they find a use for the trees.

The story is suggested for ages 4-8.  Each page has one to several paragraphs and is accompanied by colourful illustrations by artist  Vladyana Krykorka.

This book would be a wonderful addition to your Christmas reading, even if you no longer have little ones in the house.

Visit author Michael Kusugak's website and learn more about him and his works.

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John Mutford said...

I actually think this story works better for adults than children. There's a nostalgic tone that kids (in my experience) don't really appreciate.