Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Needlework Tuesday - Finishes always feel Terrific

Thank-you for joining me for my regular weekly needlework feature.  Each week, I find myself working on a variety of needlework projects.  I am always thrilled when I finish one of them and it's a true bonus, when I finish two in one week.  This happens to be one of those special weeks.

Years ago, too amuse my kids one day, they asked me to sew together some squares and make them a tic-tac-toe board.  Don't know if they every used it,  but it did amuse them that day.  I found it on the weekend, and decided to re-work it.  I spritzed it with water and went to press it.  The border fabric shrank like crazy.  At this point, i decided it would be best to take it apart.  The border fabric had shrunk about 1 inch over it's 18 or 19 inch length.  eeks.  I added  3 more square and a new border.

Next it was time to get out my Lil' Twister Tool from CS designs and start cutting.  Before cutting, this piece measured 24x19 inches.  After cutting and re-sewing, it measured 15 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches.

Borders need to be added to the left and right sides. 

You might think there is a lot of waste, but after cutting squares and triangles using my Marti Michelle templates, all that is scrap is that little pile on the left hand side.

Finished place mat will be donated to Meals on Wheels through my local quilt guild.
 I have been working on a pair of socks for hubby. except for grafting the one toe, they are finished. They are stitches with a Mary Maxim wool called 'Simply Sock Yarn'. I came really close on the amount of wool; there were just a few metres left.

Now that the serious sock business is done, time for fun.  Last year author Gina Damico published her book Croak.  This inspired her to design a scarf to accompany the story.  I just had to make it an at the same time learn this new-to-me illusion technique.  First photo shows the motif area of the scarf straight on.

at a slight angle.

At an exaggerated angle. 
This is going to be a fun scarf to create. Croak  pattern can be found at Lion Brand Yarn.
Hope you enjoyed my 'finished projects' as much as I enjoyed finishing them.  did you finish a project this week?  Congratulations, I know how good it feels. Will be back next week with scarf progress and more quilting.



Marie said...

Love the placemat! I love how you reworked another piece to make it. The scarf is pretty cool, too. I'm not into skulls, but that optical illusion is awesome.

Miri said...

What a terrific save...a beautiful placemat to cheer up someone's dinner instead of just another bit in the closet! Love how the colors all looked different in the new design!