Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Needlework Tuesday - A Quilting Weekend

I love when Tuesday arrives and I have a chance to share my recent projects.  I invite my visitors to share links to their current needlework posts.  I find it very encouraging to see and read about your projects.
This past week was a very productive one.  I stitched to my hearts content and then on Friday I picked up my mom and brought her toy house and then again we stitched and stitched.  We ran out of planned projects and had to dig around for more. 

Last week I showed you tiger parts.  He went together very well and is cute as can be.  He does have a tail but he's very shy and it is hiding.  He also has little friend.  He is a bunny nugget, designed by Rebecca Danger.
I see a whole bunch more of these little bunnies in my future.  You can easily adjust their size by using different gauges of yarn .

Next up, were knitted wash clothes.  I was surprised at how fast these knit up.  They are made with worsted weight cotton.  After knitting they are a very funny bowl shape, which the pattern warned me about, though it did assure me that they were very easy to block.

As you can see, they did indeed block well.  Am looking forward to trying a few more of these.  These patterns are by Megan Goodacre.

Over the past year, I have been cutting strips for a jelly roll quilt.  Mom had hers ready months ago, we were just waiting for a time we could get together.  Since these quilts are being birthed on the same day, they will be fraternal twins.  Mom's with a Christmas theme, and mine more of an autumn one.

Mom's quilt.

My quilt.

The other week, I went on a shop hop with the ladies in my bee.  At each shop we were given a bit of fabric.  At the final shop, more fabric and a mystery pattern.  While mom was sewing gift bags on Monday, I was sewing up my project.  This little tree measures 20 inches square.  I fused the hexagons instead of using English paper piecing as suggested.  It is still in need of more quilting in the background and then binding.  Will show another photo when it's all done and hanging.

In the midst of all these projects, we sewed over a dozen gift bags.  Be sure to return next week for a contest to win a gift bag.  These are made of good quality twills and will stand up to daily use.  I also laid out and pin basted a lap quilt and a table runner.  Had to do those first and then I could use the left over batting for the little tree quilt.  It would have been aweful if I had cut out that 20 inch square and then not had enough for one of the other projects.  oops. 
I have also been knitting with Bernat Baby Jacquards Florals yarn in Orange Blossom.  I haven't included a photo as it looks kind of funny at this point.  I will buy some stuffing and have a photo next week.  I just might have to purchase another skein in a different colour.  Two nieces and I haven't heard of kids willingly sharing new toys.
I love to hear what you have been stitching this past week.  Leave a comment , better yet, leave a link to your current post, and I'll be sure to come visit and leave a comment and encouragement if required.

Be sure to pop over and visit at Lit and Laundry, the Christmas Cookie Quilt is gorgeous.  I haven't seen anything like it.  


Threeundertwo said...

Wow! I love your projects! You've been really busy. I can't wait to see your hexie tree when it's done. Great pattern.

I finished up the cookie quilt I blogged about yesterday and today I have some goofy stuff up, including a tissue cover I just made. http://litandlaundry.blogspot.com/2012/11/merry-kitschmas.html

Marie said...

Great work you two! I love the jellyroll quilts.

I don't have a Needlework Tuesday post this week. Tying together all of the yarn for my knotted afghan is taking A LOT longer than I thought it would. I'm still not sure I even have enough yarn. :(

Lady Penguin said...

I love your tree quilt! It reminds me of something my sister would make for a gift.

Regina said...

You are so lucky to have a mum to stitch with!! Your projects are all so lovely. I made these wash cloth, but inserted some short rows since most gift recipients don't know how/aren't willing to block.....