Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Needlework Tuesday - A small project

Small projects are always a hit here at Needlework Tuesday.  It usually means I can finish something shortly after starting it.  Far too often, my projects drag on for months and some even years (ok, many of them stretch out over several years).  When Deanna at Wedding Dress Blue told me that she was going to write about small projects this week, I thought it would be a good chance to work on one that has been niggling in the back of mind for ages. 

Last year, Anya at Hills Creek Quilter, show a lovely tea wallet that she had made.  I printed the tutorial right away  ( here for the tutorial)
 but didn't get around to making it.  I thought it would be perfect for my mother.  She enjoys her tea, but not the caffine that more restaurants serve, so she brings her own bag, but carries it in a plastic baggie.  Well, no more, now she has her own lovely tea wallet.

I have supplies to make lots more of these beauties, though in different fabrics of course.  And no, I haven't made one for myself yet.

do you have a small and easy project that you are making ?  Leave a comment with a link to your post or to the project instructions. 


Anya said...

I love that project! I keep meaning to make one for myself, but have never gotten around to it...maybe this winter...

Felicity Grace Terry said...

What a great idea and so pretty.

Deanna said...

Your tea wallet is so pretty. Love the button! I already have started a list of more small projects and will have another feature round in a few months.