Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Needlework Tuesday - Tiger Pieces Abound

Stitching up a storm in the past week, mostly with the knitting needles.  I really wanted to get one project finishes as I keep finding new ones that are so very appealing.  As for the Tiger pieces, well, very vegetarian I assure you.
First, a project that my mother has been stitching away at.  Quite a while back, she brought home a project in a bag that a previous member of her guild had stopped working on.  Don't know the details there, but mom decided to adopt it.  A few weeks ago, she pulled out all the pieces and we discussed what needed doing.  She then spent days cutting bits apart, sorting them and re-sewing.  More cutting and sewing and finally a top emerged.

Pattern from Australian Patchwork and Quilting: Showcase Quilts. 
 Japanese Circles by Joy White
Mom will be taking the finsihed top back to the guild and another member will quilt and bind.  It will then be donated to a childrens' charity.

A few weeks ago I introduced you to a scarf that I was making for my son.  Refer to this post for pattern details of the Croak Scarf.  Here's what the scarf looks like straight on.

This is what it looks like from an angle.  I have no doubt that son will be amused.

RedHeart.com has been sending weekly emails with a Christmas project.  The most recent one was for a tiger ornament.  hmm, what the heck does a need have to do with Christmas? Still trying to figure that one.  As I thought about it, I realized that I would have to make at least one of the little guys.  My nephew Alex, who passed away last year, has a stuffed tiger when he waslittle, that he adored.  That was a good enough reason to get me stitching.  When it's finished, I'll take it to my sister's and place it beside his urn along with the sprinkle donut that I crocheted for him last Christmas.  Pattern link for Tracy the Tiger Ornament.  Next week I'll have a pic of the finished  assembled ornament.
Now my curiousity has been aroused.  Do you have any unusual ornaments either for your tree or around your house that have special meaning to you?  Please share you story in the comment section.  Better yet, leave a comment and send me a photo that I can add to next week's post.

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Miri said...

lol! Love the scarf!
Great save and finish by your Mom...interesting pattern.