Sunday, 2 December 2012

Breakfast for 1000 Santas

Yesterday was the inaugural Santa Pur Suit.  It was hosted by RunWaterloo and the Stork Family YMCA.   Over one thousand Santas, ranging from two years old and up, arrived for the chilly event.   The Santas had to choice of running 1, 3, or 5 kilometres.  The Santa suits were part of the registration and all parts of the suit had  be worn including the beard. (yes, the runner who had a self grown long white beard also had to wear the fake beard) .
 I was on hand as a volunteer to witness this historic event. Never has this area witnessed so many Santas and Santas-in-training in one location.  At left and immediately below are the front of back images of the volunteer t-shirts.  I wonder, since we were helping the Santas, did that make us elves?
Santas keeping warm before the race. 
This is the slimmest group of Santa, so no belly fat for warmth.

I had parental permission to snap this photo of some Santas in training.
 The youngest Santa on the course was two years old.

Ten minutes till race start

Heading to the starting line

Waiting for that final count down, no not that one, still 23 days till then.

And they;re off and running, or rolling as it might be.

And running....

And still running...

Great beard on this rolling Santa.

Santas eat an aweful lot, it took ages to cook over 1000 hotdogs.

Several boxes of banana...

Dozens of cut oranges.

Mounds of seedless grapes, easier on the clean-up crew.

Just a few of the 1000 hotdogs

Five flavours of tasty Pizza was supplied by Panago Pizza
A great time was had by all the Santas and over $10 000. was raised for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign of Kitchener-Waterloo.

As I was leaving, a young child, also walking  out the door, commented that "Santas all gone, where'd the Santas go?"  Her parent didn't miss a beat and replied, "They're all back at the North Pole of course."

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Marie said...

Very cool!!! Thanks for the photos.

Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

What a great event! How long was the run and how did they all get matching Santa outfits? Was it part of the sign-up fee? I'm fascinated.

TP said...

This is the cutest! What a fun event and how awesome that they also all got Santa suits.

Tanya Patrice

Beth F said...

How fun is this??

Unknown said...

What a great, fun event! I bet everybody had a blast.

Joy said...

What a fun event! I loved the pictures.

Joy's Book Blog

Felicity Grace Terry said...

How wonderful and amazing that you played a part.

Christine said...

So awesome! Not only did everyone have to wear a white beard but they had to wear a Santa suit, too? Not just red sweats, huh? Impressive and festive!

Tina said...

That's a mess of Santas wandering around. Great photos!

Anonymous said...

wondeful to see all the santas great fun ,all the best stu

JoAnn said...

What fun! Looks like a well-organized event.