Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Death by Latte by Linda Berber

Being a teen is never easy, specially when your mother walked out on you and your father four years earlier with no explanation.  Then you travel 2000 miles to see her and she immediately tells you that you have to leave, now.  This is exactly what happened when Aphra Connolly travels to Seattle to find her missing mother.  Natalie shuts down the long sought family reunion and starts on the drive to the airport.  This is interrupted by a 'business call' that requires urgent attention.  Aphra's departure is temporarily delayed. 

From this moment, their reunion takes a series of twists that could not have been anticipated.  most definitely, not the normal mother-daughter relationship.  Whatever happened to shopping together and choosing clothing.  None of that for these two, more like espionage, guns and hitmen.

Natalie is still sees Aphra as that young girl she left four years earlier.  Aphra wants back that mother that she has imagined during that time.  Neither of them are living up to the other expectations.

While I did enjoy this fast moving story, I do feel that I was missing something by not having read Death by Bikini, the first book in the series.  The follow-up to this one is Death by Denim.

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