Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Needlework Tuesday - Oh for the want of a piece of felt

Welcome to Needlework Tuesday, where I share my past week of needle related adventures.  Knitting, crocheting and Quilting have kept my fingers limber.
 I finished the cuddly for my niece with the exception of eyes.  I need a small piece of felt but can't find it any where in my stash.  I know I have ample, but no sighting of it was made in my several searches.  I love the floppy ears, they look like trumpet bells gone limp.  The dangly fee are rather cute as well.  Have started on a second in mauve for her older sister.  I did splurge and buy some of the better quality stuffing amd am glad I did.  The last time I used stuffing, many years ago, it was icky, scratchy stuff .  This new to me product, Poly-Fil by Fairfield, is so soft and fluffy.  It caught me by surprise, a good surprise. 

I stuffed this little guy as much as I thought appropriate, but I do think that it will pack down a little with use.  I know that I'd want to hug him/her and use him/her as a neck pillow. 

I tend to alternate my activites through out the day.  I can't spend endless hours knitting, so a switch to the sewing machine is welcome.  I quilted and am working on the binding of my Razzle Dazzle Table Runner by Babs'n'Jas.  Note that you require one metre of fabric for the backing and a full 1/4 metre for the binding.  I did contact the designer with this discrepancy.  The pattern was easy to sew up.  Rectangles and then applique on three circles or whatever shape you desire  I happened to have this fq sampler sitting on the table and decided this was a perfect use for it. 

At first I started quilting around the motifs in the fabric, but didn't like it one bit and then spent the next two hours un-stitching.  Circles and diagonols worked out very well.

I happened to have a metre of ths fabric sitting around.  It shows off the quilting and will look good when the runner is used with the flip side up.  with the left over bits from the the top, I have started making a bag.  Will show that next week along with a link to the pattern.  You'll be wanting to make up a few of them for quick gifts.
I did start crocheting a secret gift.  I would think that it falls in the realm of an amigurumi.  I can only stitch when a certain young lady is at school, so progress is slow.  Thank-fully it is not a huge project.  Can't wait to show it to you, though it will be after the 25th as she does peek at my blog occasionally.  I can write this as I rather doubt she actually reads, just looks at the photos.
Next week, I'll have a photo of the tree skirt that I sewed a few years ago.  I still love it and wish it were on display for more weeks, but what can I do. It's a seasonal thing.  Do you have a tree skirt that you love.  Write a post about it, including pattern details if available, and I'll have a Mr. Linky that you can join.

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