Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hottest Product from CES 2013

At the beginning of January, I attend the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States.  It was a massive show featuring thousands (or was it tens of thousands) of new products, all vying to be the latest and greatest must have item.  I visited as many booths as I could, poking into all sorts of corners and then back again, hoping not to miss anything. 

While there were many interesting items, most didn't have a practical or personal application for me.  There was one that stood out head and shoulders above all the others.

Earbud Necklace

Up till now, I have been very practical when it comes to buying earbuds for myself and my family.  My kids go through several pairs a year and are always losing those little rubber bits that hold the buds in the ear.  I decreed that we would only buy one brand and the version that was on sale, and we would store all the extra rubber ear bits in the kitchen drawer.  Always one on hand should they lose one.

Now I have to re-think my approach after seeing and holding these earbuds at the XTREME booth. XTREME is a division of JEM Accessories, Inc.  These literally stopped me in my tracks, nose pressed to the display case. These are jewellery quality earbuds.  Gorgeous.  You wear them as a necklace with the earbud strands coming from the back and just long enough to hang over your shoulder as shown in the photo when not nestled in your ear.  Even the wire that connects with your player is beaded.   There were four or five different beaded version: white pearl, white and pastel   pearl, dark, and silver.  While you could wear these for everyday listening, they would also look elegant during your business commute, as well as for private listening moments at a fancy dress event.  Yes, they really are that nice that they wouldn't be out of place in a formal situation, just tuck the earbuds under your collar when you are not listening to your player.  At a glance, none will realize that they are not a string of fine jewellery.

I spoke with Sales Executive Ken Kelter and he told me that these are a brand new product, in fact, the manufacturer had delivered them directly to the conference floor the first day of the show.

I fully expect to see these gracing the necks of the best dressed listening women everywhere. I hope I've been able to convey my enthusiasm for these earbuds.  They truly are gorgeous and must be seen to be appreciated.  It was hard to leave them and walk away from the XTREME booth.  Now I am eagerly waiting the arrival of these in a store near me.  I think the pearl one first, and then maybe the dark glittery one....

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Threeundertwo said...

Love them. I would totally wear these.