Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Needlework Tuesday - Birds of a Feather are in Flight

Needlework Tuesday is a regular weekly post where  I share my progress and thoughts on my current needlework projects.  Readers are invited to leave a comment with a link to a recent needlework post.  I find it most encouraging and inspiring to share with you and to read about your projects.
After several years of intermittent work, I am finally able to share with you the finished bird quilt top.  I have name the quilt "Birds of a Feather".  It was a block of the month program, titled Exquisite Birds,  from a now closed shop, Jillybean's Pride located in Oakville, Ontario.    The individual bird patterns are by designer Brenda Groelz of Gray Wind Publishing.
Canada Goose



As you can imagine, I am thrilled to finish this quilt.  It measures 61 1/2 inches wide by 76 inches long.  I am not doing the quilting, but I will send it along to my friend's mom, with pieced backing, binding all cut and pressed, a hanging sleeve, quilt label with space for the quilter's name and a matching pillowcase for storage.  I have also completed a quilt identification form for my records.
Thanks for all the encouragement I received while working on this quilt.  It is not my usual undertaking, though I will admit that I did learn while working on it. 
A long time friend of mine has just started quilting.  When she was visiting recently, I went to show her the labels on a few of my quilts, and oops, the first two quilts I pulled out didn't have labels.  Before I move on to another project, I will be adding labels to them and ensuring that I have documented them.  Years ago I found a documentation form from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.  I can no longer find the file on their website, thus I keep photocopying the one I have.  To each form I attach at least one photograph of my quilt.  Sadly, I haven't managed to document every quilt, though as I find gaps, I complete a form at that time.   There is a good article and link to a form at Lost Quilt Come Home.
Do you document your quilts?
Rikki over at Rikki's Teleidoscope has finished a lovely crocheted  tote/shopping bag.
Tami at Just One More Thing has already finished a project for Christmas 2013.  Way to go Tami.


Tami said...

The finished project is beautiful - as I new it would be. Glad you can move on to other things - but I know this has been a heartfelt project.

Your documentation system sounds wonderful - If I ever actually complete a full-size quilt, I will follow your process. :)

I posted a Needlework Tuesday post at http://www.tdreads.blogspot.com/2013/02/needlework-tuesday.html

Rikki said...

That is a lovely piece of art, Heather. I admire you for having the skill and patience to create those wonderful quilts. Every quilt looks complicated and difficult to me, but this one especially so.

Linda said...

Your bird quilt is just wonderful Heather. Congrats on getting it all sewn up. What a treasure this will be.

Anonymous said...

Heather, congratulations on completing this striking quilt. I am not a quilter but enjoy looking at beautiful quilts. The quilting museum in Kentucky is one of our national treasures and a highlight of a trip we took several years ago. Have you been there?