Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Needlework Tuesday - Fabric Post Card Giveaway

Needlework Tuesday is a regular weekly post where I share the progress or hopes for the needlework projects that I am currently working on.  I invite my readers to leave a comment with a link to a post of their current projects.  I find this a great way to encourage each other.
After I finished and pressed 'publish' on last week's post, I realized that I forgot to add the final contest for my 1000th post celebration.  Some of my readers might recall the wonderful embroidered fabric postcards that my mother makes.  She has traded them with collectors around the world and has a very sizeable collection herself.  Below are just a few that she has sent to my family.

All are approximately 4 x6 inches.  They can be sent through the postal system for the cost of a basic stamp.  My mother has donated one card to be sent to one of my readers.  I don't know what it will look like, though she says she has several ready and I can take my pick on your behalf.
To increase the odds, I am adding a second card, though my style is very different than hers.  Below are a few of my cards.

To enter, leave a comment.  Two winners, one postcard each.

A short update on the bird quilt. 
I attached the floral applique to the side of the oriole block and added another flower.

To the right of this lies the Robin block.  That bird needed feet, an eye and even a worm.  Add some sashing to the top and side.  Then to keep with the tulips that were appliqued along the oriole, some were needed here are well.
These are 3 1/2 inches each, and there really are five of them.

Will be back next week with an update.
Now for a small tease.  Started a new 'leaders and enders' project.  So far, I've done a bit of cutting and stitched a few very short rows.

Remember to leave a comment to be entered to win a fabric postcard.


Linda said...

Your Mother's postcards are awesome! Yours too. Love your bird quilt block. Lovely applique. It will be an amazing quilt.

Marie said...

Great postcards! I love both sets. Wow!

I've been neglecting my needlework/crafting again. I have another project on the go and it's been taking up all of my time. I'll have to dig something out this week and work on it. Hopefully, next week I'll have something to report in with.

Pamela said...

The postcards are delightful! You and your mother are both very talented.

Unknown said...

I always love postcards and I often do postcrossing, then I open this website and just found out that..
there are postcards made from fabric, and your mother and your card are beautiful!
i wish i could have all of them hehe, but it also would be extra nice if i have an opportunity to have one ^_^

Kate said...

Your postcards are very much like my style. I love to clean off my cutting table onto a postcard.
Your birds are just lovely.

Elly D said...

Beautiful fabric cards by your mum and you! So much detail in them. I look forward to seeing your bird project develope :) it is going to be a beauty! Hmmm I wonder what you have planned for those leaders and Enders :-)

hueisei said...

The postage stamp postcard is lovely.

Roslyn said...

I particularly like your oriole block Heather.
About the postcards I made a few a while back & thought they were lovely & fun, but time intensive!
Both yours & your Mom's are delightful.

shana said...

How beautiful. Found you on Giveaway Scout.
My mom has done embroidery on cards in the past. I saved them all & plan to frame them someday.
I'm not a quilter, but my cousin is.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

A great admirer of yours and your mothers craft abilities as you know, to receive one of these cards would be so special and yet I'd feel so guilty knowing that I had already won one of your wonderful creations in a previous giveaway.

Heather said...

Contest is now closed. Thanks to all who visited and left an entry comment.

Chinoiseries said...

Your mother's quilted cards are beautiful! And so are yours :) I had no idea that cards could also be quilted. What a lovely idea. Lucky are those who receive them from your mother!