Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Needlework Tuesday - Cutting Kits

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One of my friend's mother wants to quilt.  She has wanted to for quite some time but can't get out to a quilting class.  My friend has tried to help her out with books and links to videos etc., but that still has not lead to her mom quilting.  She called me a week ago and asked if I would help her make a kit that she could send to her mom.  I gave her a suggested shopping list, which she then took to the shop and brought me the resulting purchases.  We spent a lovely time one day late last week, and cut two little kits. After she left, I cut the third kit.  She selected a cute panel of  'Kitty Cucumber'.  We cut those to 8 1/2 inch squares.  There were eight squares.  Since we didn't know what supplies her mother had, I decided on making her kits that were ready for her to sew.  The first has rail fence blocks , the second has 9 patches, and the third kit (shown below) has four squares with sashing and corner stones.  I have also cut backs and will include batting.  Once I write up detailed instructions my friend will be mailing these off. 
Since her mother is an accomplished seamstress, I don't expect her to have any difficulty.  We are already planning the next kit, a table runner.
My doll quilt is finished and bound.  I really like how it turned out and am wanting to try quilting more feathers.  I have made several blocks for mug mats and they are all getting feathers. 

I have shown you some of the nine patch blocks that I made from a kit.  This is the first of the pieces from the matching Dresden kit.  I am slowly sewing the pairs of blades and trimming them to the correct size.  As you can see, the trimming was essential to get the plate to lay flat.  It's not perfect, but close enough that I'll be able to applique it onto the background (once I buy some).  You'll have to wait a while for the results as I'm saving them for a big reveal.

I couldn't resist one more tease.  My guild is doing a mystery quilt this year.  Step 6 gave me four of these 16 inch squares.  Last night I pick up the instructions for steps 7 and 8. That will be the complete quilt.  The designer will be attending our meeting in June and we are all to have our tops completed.  I am not listing the name of the designer nor the name of the mystery at this time, as there are many other guilds and shops doing this mystery at present and I don't want to spoil the surprise.  After our meeting in June, I'll be posting pics of all the tops that are completed at that time.  I haven't done a large mystery quilt in a few years.  It is a challenge letting go and trusting the designer, after all, it is a large expense to purchase all that fabric and not knowing what you are going to end up with.  I did peak ahead in the instructions and am quite excited by what is developing.
I am curious, do you participate in mystery quilts?
Below are photos of some earlier mystery quilts I participated in.  Sorry, I don't recall the designers nor the pattern names.
Block of the Month at Elmira Needlesisters Quilt Guild

Block of the Month at Waterloo County Quilters Guild

My second mystery quilt at Ruffled Elegance, St. Jacobs, Ontario.  Mine was  the only quilt totally finished.

This was my first mystery quilt from Ruffled Elegance, St. Jacobs, Ontario

Tami at Just One More Thing is working on a prayer quilt, which she explains, and has posted updates throughout the day detailing her progress.  


Kate said...

I have done one mystery quilt, but I don't really like them. I like to know what a quilt is going to look like first.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Oh my goodness, such beautiful work, I can only imagine how much time went into creating these works of art.

Paulina said...

I've never done a mystery quilt before, but I've done a mystery knit afghan hosted by Bernat. I've also done a couple of mystery cross-stitch patterns hosted by Chatelaine -- those really required a leap of faith!

Threeundertwo said...

I LOVE that doll quilt! I'm going to try to focus more on making small quilts since the big ones keep taking me so long.

Also impressed with your patience making Dresden plates. I know the flatness is an issue.

I don't do mystery quilts because I'm too scared to commit time and fabric on something I might not love. Yours turned out great though! I love that last one.

Tami said...

I wish I could find a quilt guild around here. The mystery quilts look like so much fun!

I have a new post up - new projects I'm working on.