Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Needlework Tuesday - Splitting the Nine Patch

Welcome to my regular weekly Needlework Tuesday post where I share whatever I have been stitching during the past week. I find this a great source of encouragement as I always want to have some sort of progress to share with you. Feel free to grab the cute little mouse and add him to your needlework post, then leave a comment with a link. I'll be sure to drop by and visit.

Last week, I introduced you to the 9 patch blocks I am working with and asked my readers to share links to their own projects using 9 patches.  Below are the links that I have received to date.  All are wonderful uses of this versatile block.
Roslyn at Ros-the-Quilter wrote a special post to showcase her varied projects. The she found two more and wrote about those as well.

Barbara at Pointless Quilter has just finished a gorgeous double 9 patch in pinks and oranges.  oh, I do so love orange.

Chumkie at My Favourite Things shows a Single Irish Chain. I had totally forgotten that was made with 9 patches.

Visiting these posts got me thinking about my previous quilts and wondering if I had any quilts or tops with these blocks.  I did find three.

Crib size, donated to a charity
oh wait, now that I look closer, this is a 4 patch.

Entered in a UFO show. Dozens of 9 patches that I swapped for in the late 1999 and early 2000.
 Yet to be made into a quilt or two.  Most were from a 50 State Swap.

Made with 1 1/2 inch squares, all 9 patches then put together to form the top.
 Can't recall the designer.  yet to be quilted.
During the past week I worked on three quilt tops all with the 9 patch block I showed last week.  I pieced the 12 that I am sending to my mom for her to work some embroidery magic. 

The second variation was made using 9 identical blocks cut as shown.

Then rearranged.

And sewn.  This top is now finished, but I am saving them all for a grand unveiling when all the tops are completed.

Variation 3. this one I pieced two different blocks, both with the same fabrics but in different arrangements.

Cut as shown
Re-arranged with the other coloured block.
I have 6 of each of these blocks and am yet to decide how to sash and border them.

 Next, on to the kit for the fan blocks.  All I have to do is open it and start sewing.

I thought that before I sewed all 44 fans, I better sew a test to ensure my seam allowance was accurate.  Imagine my surprise to find that the blades had be cut inaccurately.  I placed a 12 1/2 inch square up ruler over the fan and you can see how much is extending outside at the top of the arc.  That's more than an inch.  That is not acceptable for what was sold as a die cut kit.  The kit is from a company called QuiltKing Products in Liberty, Kentucky.  I have sent them a letter of inquire to find out what happened in the making of these kits and how they plan to correct this error.  I have over 240 wrongly die-cut blade pieces.  It's been 5 days and I haven't heard back from them. If I don't hear from them by the end of the week, I'll send them another message.  Will have an update for you next week.
 Lucky for me, I have a template by Bethany Reynolds for a 6 blade, 15 degree angle fan blade.  I used that to re-cit 6 blades. I then sewed another fan and have laid t upside down on top of the first fan i sewed.  At the bottom left you can see the little purple wedge. That is how much too big the die-cut blades are.
Has any one else had this sort of problem with die-cut kits?  If so, what was the response of the company that you dealt with? Even though I bought this kit years ago, the company should still offer me a full replacement as the kit was defective.
Tami at Just one More Thing, finished the doll quilts that she started with her sister and mother last week.


Tami said...

I am always blown away by how a simple thing like a 9-patch can be turned into such complex variations. Beautiful! And of course I'm especially fond of them since they're purple. :)

I'm also blown away that a company would sell die cut pieces that are wrong. I can do that myself! :) Hope you get some satisfaction from them.

Rikki said...

Love your variations. Those patterns look great! From what I see here it seems quilting (as many other crafts) consists of a lot of different projects in different stages of completion.

Roslyn said...

I discovered two Irish Chain in my past, there may be more 9 patches popping up that are buried in my memory!

Mystica said...

That purple and aqua pattern is very enticing.

bermudaonion said...

Wow, it's kind of discouraging that you've never heard back from the company. It looks like it will be a gorgeous quilt.

Marie said...

Nice work, Heather. Love the purple. Those 9-patches still amaze me.

That's terrible about the kit. I wouldn't have thought that a kit would be incorrect...If it had been me, I would have thought I did something wrong. Good for you for contacting them. I hope they respond.