Wednesday, 31 July 2013

They Disappeared by Rick Mofina

Every Fear, by Rick Mofina

This novel told me all I needed to know about how not to vacation in New York City.  First, ensure that you pick-up your own bag at the airport.  Second, don't accidentally keep anything that isn't yours from that wrong bag and third, well, don't read this book just after your teen daughter returns from a trip to New York City.

I was captured by this book by the end of the first short chapter.  I barely put it down till I finished it the next day, carrying it around the house with me as I attended to chores.

The father, Jeff Griffin, decides to investigate the abduction of his family on his own, which I find a bit far fetched.  Not that a father would search for his missing family, but that he would have any idea how to go about that search and that he would have any more success than the police.  I was able to suspend my disbelief as the story was quick paced and didn't leave time for pondering, I just had to quickly trail along behind Jeff lest I miss out a detail.

I look forward to reading more by Rick Mofina.

Rick Mofina is a Canadian born author with more than a dozen titles to his name, both in series and stand-alone.  During his thirty year journalism career, he has written his way around the world and covered murders, an armoured car heist and every thing in between.

Thanks to Rick Mofina for use of the cover image.

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Mystica said...

My children say I have airport phobia and you confirmed it!!!! but I'd like to read this book anyway.