Saturday, 28 September 2013

Weekend Cooking - Hot Pepper Roulette

There is always wonderful produce to be found at my local farmers' market, but the peppers have been amazing lately.    A mere $10.  bought all the ones shown plus a few more already eaten.

This was my first time buying poblano peppers.  They are a reasonable heat level, but I didn't really like the flavour.  I did read that they taste better once roasted, and am looking forward to that.

Shepherd peppers are sweet and tasty, though they are  thinner flesh than the bell peppers.  Great for cooking.

These are also a sweet pepper  whose taste I do enjoy.  Mostly I use them in cooked dishes.

Jalepenos. Excellent for all sorts of cooked dishes.

Cherrys.  These are instant heat, but a reasonable level, just don't use too many.

Now for the fun. What to do when you are sitting with your nephew and there are a whole bunch of chilies on the table.  Somehow it gets suggested that you test them to see just how hot they are.  It always helps to already know how hot they can be before you bite in.  My nephew took the tiniest nibble after I took two good bites.  Chilies can vary greatly in their heat.  One jalapeno will be fiery while the next is barely warm.  I usually taste a tiny bit before putting them in the pot as a means of judging how spicy my final dish will be.

If you decide to play hot pepper roulette, I highly recommend sticking with the more mild of the hot chilies, don't go near the ghost peppers.
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Tina said...

I am a self admitted baby when heat or spicy food is involved. Yeaaahh...I couldn't play :-)

Peggy Arthurs said...

Those are the loveliest photos of heat!

Carole said...

Heather - we have these tiny bird's eye chillis - very hot - used a lot in Thai food. Lovely pics. Chheers

Col (Col Reads) said...

This is hilarious! Almost nothing is too hot for me -- but every once in a while you get one so hot that even I'm shocked!

Beth F said...

It's always so fun when the hot chilies are in season. We love them -- even when they're hotter or milder than expected.

Louise said...

How beautiful and glossy those peppers look. And cheap too. I'm a bit of a sissy when it comes to peppers these days.

Tea said...

I'm afraid of the heat. It only takes a little heat to make me down three glasses of cold water. The photos are beautiful.